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The Starting Line is Autographing All Pre-Ordered CDs

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kenny Vasoli, bassist and lead singer of The Starting Line, formed the suburban Pennsylvania quartet some eight years ago. His friends and original band mates, guitarists Matt Watts and Mike Golla, and drummer Tom Gryskewicz, have been along for the ride ever since. The band sold nearly 300,000 copies of their 2002 debut, Say It Like You Mean It, and scored a surprise hit with “The Best Of Me,” a pop-punk anthem that was embraced by MTV. The Starting Line released their sophomore album, Based on a True Story, in 2005 and were asked to headline the Van’s Warped tour that year. In early January 2006, the band signed with Virgin, where they just finished recording their newest full-length album, Direction.

Direction may not hit stores until July 31st, but The Starting Line want to give fans something special. Pre-order Direction now for only $10 and get your copy signed by the band! You can also purchase a t-shirt/CD bundle for $15 that comes with a limited edition Direction Clover tee.

Don’t forget to vote for The Starting Line on AOL Music’s Sessions Under Cover! Visit http://music.aol.com/sessions-under-cover/ to vote. Voting ends Friday, July 6th at 5
p.m. EST.

You can pre-order Direction here: http://www.merchdirect.net/TheStartingLine
posted by Shelia, 7:49 PM


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