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Love, Niecy Style (Deniece Williams New CD)

Monday, April 30, 2007

This Time I'll Be Sweeter
Love's Holiday

"Deniece Williams jump back on the music scene is welcomed. Her voice is beautiful and there's no mistake she still has "it." The only problem I had with the CD is it was too short. I would love to hear Ms. Williams do another CD. I give it 5 stars because of her songbird voice. If you want to listen to a CD from a true singer, Love, Niecy Style should be added to your collection. " ~ Shelia M. Goss, Entertainment Writer & author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web

Love, Niecy Style is available now.


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Five Questions with Michelle McGriff

Thus far, I've read all of your books. You come up with unique storylines. How long does it take you to write a novel? It take me about 36 hours in my mind and about 4 months to draft hard copy and that's about 40-60,000 words. Edits and all the rest can take up to 6 months but that's common.

Your characters are unforgettable. Are they based on people that you know?
Not directly. I think they are mostly based on people I've met, such as, in passing, or people I've observed such as in the mall or on a bus. I like to ask myself What If....what is that person is a spy, a criminal, a psycho...what will they do when they leave this mall, get off this bus, etc...

Did you always plan to write professionally?
No, I've always written since being a teen, however, I thought I would have been a movie director. That was what I always wanted to be. I used to always want to yell out "CUT" especially when my real life got full of drama. HA! I used to want to be a professional entertainer (singer) like my father but decided against it after some health issues took my voice. Plus, I get stage freight.

2007 is a busy year for you. Please tell us about your 2007 releases.
First off there is Colored Summer, the story written in first person. It was a challenge as I normally write in omi-first. June, is another anthology with Dr. Maxine Thompson (No Pockets in a Shroud) and bestselling author Denise Campbell (Mankiller). My story in that set is DETOURED. July will bring another THRILLER, Deadly Tease...that story will take my readers to a side of Michelle McGriff they have never seen before (wink). And then a new book under a pen name that I'm going to try on the public before attempting to cross fully into that genre. I'll leave that secret there for a minute... secret.

What's one of your favorite pastimes, when you're not writing?
Dancing and virtual speed dating haha... (sorry folks, that a private joke between me and Shelia). Seriously, I enjoy listening to music and watching movies.

To learn more about Michelle McGriff, visit her website: www.myspace.com/mosambasbookshelf

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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Catherine Duc Visions and Dreams CD

I felt transported to a tranquil place while listening to Catherine Duc's Visions and Dreams CD. I not only found the CD relaxing, but motivating. If you're trying to work on something creative, listening to Visions and Dreams can help spark those creative juices. Ms Duc makes each note on Visions and Dreams massage the stress away. ~ Shelia M. Goss, Entertainment writer and National Bestselling author of Paige's Web, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and My Invisible Husband
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Interview with Alexa Wilkinson

How did it make you feel to record your first song?
The first song I ever recorded was when I was about 15 years old. I ended up finding a guy (who smoked an obscene amount of cigarettes) to help me record and possibly produce some songs. The songs were horrible and the production was almost amusing, but it felt wonderful. It was the first time I had ever heard my voice coming out of speakers. It was definitely a cool experience.

Who would you like to work with if given the opportunity to do a duet with someone?
If I could choose anyone in the world to collaborate with it would have to be Rob Giles. He is probably one of the more amazing songwriters of our time and I think just to be able to write with him would be an amazing experience.

Who all did you work with on this album?
I worked with alot of different people. The first song of graves was written by Me and Ben (Ben Carter) and completely produced by Josh Kelley. Josh actually produced about 5 of the tracks on the album along with a couple co-writes. I worked with Michael Brauer who mixed two of the tracks ("Of Graves" and "Lullaby Appetite") on the album. Niv Davidovich and I co-wrote 3 songs on the album ("Good Fight", "Interest of Saving Time" and "Heaven Wont Mind") and produced them. Ben Carter has been a part of almost every single song production wise, with vocal harmonies, co-writes and guitar lines. He was a huge part of this album. The list is so long haha. Nick Casinelli was the executive producer and was pretty much responsible for this CD getting made.

What's your favorite song on the album?
I have three favorites: Of Graves, Lullaby Appetite and Sad Eyed Annabelle. They're a great representation of where my music is going.

How has your life changed in other ways since your success?
My life changes have all felt completely right to me. I found a passion and a love for something, and also found that I could actually turn it into a career. Everyday is a new experience, and everyday I meet someone new who changes my life. HaHa This is a hard question because the change I've gone through so many changes.

Besides singing, do you think you'll do any acting?
I would love to do some acting. I thought about stand up comedy at one point, but I would definitely need to take some classes. I think acting is a whole other beast and it takes a certain person to do it. I don't know if I'd be any good. I'm goofy and lame in front of the camera lol. so wait... maybe not.

To learn more about Alexa Wilkinson, go to http://www.myspace.com/alexawilkinson.

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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Elton John Rocket Man Number Ones CD

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's hard to say which one of the songs on Elton John's Rocket Man - Number Ones is my favorite. The entire 2 disc set can be set to play and you won't have to skip a song. Whether you're watching Elton John live or listening to his CD, he doesn't fail to deliver. Rocket Man - Number Ones does what it sets out to do - entertain and remind you why Elton John has so many hit songs to start off with. ~ Shelia M. Goss, Entertainment Writer and National Bestselling author of Paige's Web, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and My Invisible Husband

Elton John's new CD Rocket Man – Number Ones is in stores now.

Elton John Audio Streams:

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Rocket Man

Tiny Dancer

UMe Official Artist page
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Shannon Moore Evaporate

Shannon Moore's skills as a songwriter is showcased throughout Evaporate. Each song tells a story and listeners can enjoy nice music with great lyrics. She picked the right melodies to accompany the lyrics. Shannon Moore's new cd "Evaporate" is refreshing to hear. ~ Shelia M. Goss, Entertainment writer and National Bestselling author of Paige's Web, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and My Invisible Husband
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Sugarland Tour Dates

Sugarland Tour Dates

5/3/2007 Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/4/2007 Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/5/2007 Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, AZ

Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/6/2007 Stagecoach Festival Indio, CA

Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/13/2007 Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, MN

Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/18/2007 Mizzou Arena Columbia, MO

Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/19/2007 Alltel Arena Little Rock, AR

Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney

5/31/2007 New Orleans Arena New Orleans, LA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/2/2007 Ford Amphitheater Tampa, FL

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/3/2007 Sound Advice Ampitheatre West Palm Beach, FL

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/7/2007 Germain Ampitheatre Columbus , OH

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/9/2007 Heinz Field Pittsburgh, PA

Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/16/2007 Pizza Hut Park Dallas, TX

Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/21/2007 Darian Lake Amphitheater Darian Lake (Buffalo), NY

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/22/2007 Innsbrook Pavilion Glen Allen, VA

6/23/2007 Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia, PA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/28/2007 USANA Amphitheater Salt Lake City, UT

Opening for Kenny Chesney

6/30/2007 Dick's Sporting Goods Park Denver, CO

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/2/2007 Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, CA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/3/2007 Sleep Train Amphitheatre Sacramento, CA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/4/2007 McMenamins Edgefield Troutdale, OR

7/6/2007 Les Schwab Amphitheatre Bend, OR

7/7/2007 Quest Field Seattle, WA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/8/2007 Greyhound Park Post Falls, ID

7/12/2007 Verizon Wireless Music Center Indianapolis, IN

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/13/2007 Embassy Theater Ft. Wayne, IN

7/14/2007 Browns Stadium Cleveland, OH

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/20/2007 Toyota Pavillion at Montage Mountain Scranton, PA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/21/2007 Great Jones County Fair Monticello, IA

7/22/2007 Country Thunder Twin Lakes, WI

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/25/2007 Saratoga Performing Arts Center Saratoga Springs, NY

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/26/2007 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ

Opening for Kenny Chesney

7/28/2007 Gillette Stadium Foxboro, MA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/2/2007 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/3/2007 Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek Raleigh, NC

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/4/2007 Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek Raleigh, NC

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/9/2007 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Bonner Springs, KS

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/10/2007 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Maryland Heights, MO

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/11/2007 First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Tinley Park, IL

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/16/2007 Riverbend Music Centre Cincinnati, OH

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/18/2007 Ford Field Detroit, MI

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/24/2007 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Virginia Beach, VA

Opening for Kenny Chesney


Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/26/2007 Merriweather Post Pavillion Baltimore, MD

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/30/2007 Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Opening for Kenny Chesney

8/31/2007 New York State Fair Syracuse, NY

Opening for Kenny Chesney

9/1/2007 Dodge Music Center Hartford, CT

Opening for Kenny Chesney

9/6/2007 Verizon Wireless Music Center Birmingham, AL

Opening for Kenny Chesney

9/7/2007 HiFi Buys Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA

Opening for Kenny Chesney

9/8/2007 HiFi Buys Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA

Opening for Kenny Chesney
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Los Angeles, CA (April 2007) – MTV: Music Television announced today that they are setting up the biggest week in Hip Hop by being the first to bring its audience the most highly anticipated new and freshest music from some of today biggest artists. During “Sucker Free on MTV Presents: “Most Anticipated Albums” viewers will have access to new music by joining MTV VJ DJ Cipha Sounds as he goes to the studio, on tour and to your favorite artists neighborhoods to preview highly anticipated albums from T.I, Ne-Yo, 50 Cent and R. Kelly. You’ll hear it first as DJ Cipha Sounds introduces music fans to the producers, beats and concepts behind the music that will get them through the summer. Catch Sucker Free on MTV Presents: “Most Anticipated Albums” beginning on Monday, April 30 at 3PM ET/PT.

MTV.com kicks off “Sucker Free on MTV Presents: “Most Anticipated Albums” featuring T.I, Ne-Yo, 50 Cent and R. Kelly. Each artist spotlighted on “Sucker Free” will share their exclusive individual playlists and “Best of” video playlists with viewers. MTV.com will also feature a list of “Most Anticipated Albums of Summer 2007.” MTV.com will also feature a Sucker Free Blog (suckerfreeblog.com) that will run exclusive footage and outtakes from artist interviews. In addition, all artists playlists found on MTV.com will also be featured on MTV Networks' online music service URGE, MTV Hits and MTV Jams.

MTV2 keeps “Sucker Free on MTV” hopping by airing the “Best of Artists” features from artists featured on “Sucker Free on MTV” as well as airing exclusive footage. Sucker Free on MTV: “Most Anticipated Albums” will air on MTV beginning on Monday, April 30 at 4:30PM/ET and again at 8:00PM/ET.

MTV’s “Sucker Free on MTV Presents: “Most Anticipated Albums” line-up is as follows:

Monday, April 30

Release Date: May 1

DJ Cipha Sounds hangs-out with Ne-Yo all day as he preps for his promo tour in New York City. Check out as Ne-Yo gives us an exclusive listen to tracks from his highly anticipated sophomore album, Because Of You.

Tuesday, May 1
Release Date: June 26th

DJ Cipha Sounds checks-in with 50 on the New York photo shoot for his new album. Watch as 50 breaks down the concept behind the album, plays an exclusive track, discusses the state of the G-Unit camp and uncovers his plans for the future.

Also, Usher introduces Sway and MTV News to his baby brother, hit-maker J-Lack, the producer responsible for Lloyd's Get it Shawty.

Wednesday, May 2

Release Date: May 29

DJ Cipha Sounds heads to Chicago for an exclusive one-on-one interview with R Kelly. We hit up Kelly in the studio for an advance listen to his highly anticipated album, Double Up. R.Kelly explains his concept for the new album and gives us some insight on how to stay on top of the charts.

Viewers can also catch MTV News correspondent Sway in the Atlanta studio with Usher and Jermaine Dupri where they are crafting the follow-up to Confessions.

Thursday, May 3

Release Date: June 26th- July 3rd

DJ Cipha Sounds hangs out with T.I. who breaks down both sides of his personality on his new album T.I. VS T.I.P. Join Cipha as he hits the golf course with “T.I.” to reveal the making of his new album. Then “T.I.P.” takes over to show to Cipha around his ATL hood where it all began.

In addition, MTV News brings you DJ Drama’s first on-camera interview since his news-making arrest, talking to MTV News about that fateful day and the album he had to re-create from scratch after the FBI seized his recordings.

# # #
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MTV new documentary “The Drop-Out Chronicles”


New Documentary “The Dropout Chronicles” Examines Obstacles High
School Students Face in Graduating, Premieres May 9th at 8:30 PM ET/PT
on MTV2 with Sneak Peek on MTV May 9th at 2PM ET/PT

“Be the Voice” Winner to Join MTV President Christina Norman, First Lady Laura Bush, Tim Russert and Nation’s Foremost Authorities on Dropout Crisis at “National Summit on America’s Silent Epidemic” May 9th in Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA (April 2007) – In an effort to help change the course of America’s dropout crisis – which each year results in more than 1 million U.S. high school students dropping out – MTV: Music Television today announced the premiere of a new documentary examining America’s “Silent Epidemic” and the winner of its “Be the Voice” college scholarship competition. The announcements are a prequel to MTV's participation in the May 9th "National Summit on America's Silent Dropout Epidemic," where MTV will join Congressional leaders, students, governors and educators in a call to action to end a dropout crisis that squanders the potential of America's youth at great economic and social costs.

On May 9th MTV News will premiere “The Dropout Chronicles,” a stark portrait of three high school students facing unique obstacles and all on the brink of walking away from their high school diplomas. The new documentary depicts how young people from similar backgrounds make different choices about their education and how varied interventions by teachers, parents, friends and other factors impact the outcome of these choices. Sean, from Miami, finds school boring and often cuts class, but wants to make his father proud and become the first male in his family to graduate high school. Glendy, of the Bronx, has already been held back a year and faces a daunting daily commute just to get to school. Maxine, from San Diego, is only one exam away from her diploma…or so she thinks. Only one will graduate. “The Dropout Chronicles” follows these individuals as their fates unfold, premiering May 9th on MTV2 at 8:30 PM ET/PT, with a special sneak peek on MTV at 2:00 PM ET/PT that same day.

As part of MTV’s commitment to serve as a megaphone for its audience and offer young people a hand in solving America’s dropout crisis, today MTV also announces Jynell Harrison of Providence, Rhode Island as winner of thinkMTV’s national “Be the Voice” essay competition. The challenge asked current and former students to share the challenges they’ve faced in trying to graduate from high school and prepare for college or the workplace. As winner of the competition, Jynell collects a $10,000 college scholarship and will share her story and ideas for change at the “National Summit on America’s Silent Epidemic” May 9th in Washington D.C.

“We were inspired by Jynell’s determination in the face of adversity and felt a responsibility to offer her this platform – to share her unique perspective on what America’s youth need to overcome the dropout crisis,” said Christina Norman, President, MTV. “‘The Dropout Chronicles’ delves deeper into the epidemic, in an attempt to expose more of its root causes. With these efforts, and MTV’s involvement in the upcoming National Summit, we hope to help initiate targeted action that results in more high school students graduating prepared for college and the workforce.”

MTV joins TIME, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Civic Enterprises and the National Governors Association in hosting the “National Summit on America’s Silent Epidemic,” where policymakers, educators, students, business leaders and more will examine the causes of the dropout crisis and ways to increase the number of students who graduate high school ready for college, career and life. Mrs. Laura Bush and MTV President Christina Norman are among the many leading voices who will gather for the landmark conference. MTV News will provide a digital broadcast of highlights from the event, providing America’s youth the opportunity to view and comment on the summit’s proceedings and to offer their own perspectives about the issue. “The Dropout Chronicles” will be unveiled at a special premiere screening tied to the Summit – to be held at the National Music Center and Museum Foundation Carnegie Library on the evening of May 8th – and will also be screened at the event on May 9th.
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PRP Tour Dates

May 1 2007
The Basement w/ Anberlin
Columbus, Ohio

May 2 2007
Chameleon Club w/ Anberlin
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

May 3 2007
Sonar w/ Anberlin
Baltimore, Maryland

May 4 2007
Alley Katz w/ Anberlin
Richmond, Virginia

May 5 2007
Bamboozle 2007 Meadowlands Sport Complex
East Rutherford, New Jersey

May 7 2007
North Star Bar w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 8 2007
Ottobar w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Baltimore, Maryland

May 9 2007
The Peppermint Beach Club w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Virginia Beach, Virginia

May 10 2007
The Casbah at Tremont Music Hall w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Charlotte, North Carolina

May 11 2007
The Masquerade Downstairs
Atlanta, Georgia

May 12 2007
Cornerstone Festival at Central Florida Fairgrounds
Orlando, Florida

May 15 2007
Vino's w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Little Rock, Arkansas

May 20 2007
The Sets w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Tempe, Arizona

May 21 2007
Art Bar (21+)
Las Vegas, Nevada

May 23 2007
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, California

May 24 2007
El Rey Theatre w/ Under The Influence of Giants
Los Angeles, California

Jun 29 2007
Pomona Fairgrounds
Pomona, CA

Jun 30 2007
Seaside Park
Ventura, CA

Jul 1 2007
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA

Jul 3 2007
Thunderbird Stadium at UBC
Vancouver, BC

Jul 5 2007
Race City Motorsport Park
Calgary, AB

Jul 7 2007
Utah State Fairgrounds
Salt Lake City, UT

Jul 8 2007
Denver, CO

Jul 11 2007
Cricket Pavilion
Phoenix, AZ

Jul 13 2007
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
San Antonio, TX

Jul 14 2007
Dallas, TX

Jul 15 2007
Reliant Center
Houston, TX
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K’naan Tour Dates

Tour Dates:

4/30 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
5/02 Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
5/03 Austin, TX @ Antone’s Nightclub
5/04 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
5/06 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
5/08 Washington DC @ 9:30 Club
5/09 Boston, MA @ Avalon Ballroom
5/11 New York, NY @ Nokiaa Theatre Times Square
5/12 Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of the Living Arts
5/13 Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live
5/15 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
5/17 Windsor, ON @ Chrysler Theater
5/18 Atlanta, GA @ The Roxy
5/19 Saint Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Landing
5/20 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues

MP3 (live)

MP3 (live)



More here:
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REDEMPTION SONG: The Ballad of Joe Strummer

REDEMPTION SONG: The Ballad of Joe Strummer (ISBN-10 0-571-21178-X; ISBN-13 978-0-571-21178-4; $27.00) will be published by Faber & Faber on May 23, 2007.

The importance of The Clash to modern music is almost impossible to overstate. One of the first bands of the punk tsunami that swept England and the US, The Clash is credited with kick starting a movement and infusing their music with elements of reggae, rockabilly, and even a little dance, leading the way to the wild genre crossovers found in today’s groups.

While the entire band was integral to the success of The Clash, it was their charismatic front man, Joe Strummer, who personified the mission and ideals of the burgeoning punk movement to a generation. REDEMPTION SONG: The Ballad of Joe Strummer is journalist and friend Chris Salewicz’s biography of both sides of Joe Strummer—the rock n roll outlaw whose lyrics to songs like ‘Rock the Casbah’ and ‘London Calling’ are still a must-know for aspiring musicians, and the more introspective John Mellor (Joe Strummer’s given name), a man deeply influenced by the early loss of his older brother to suicide and unable to escape a lifelong depression.

Salewicz is uniquely positioned to write this definitive biography of Joe Strummer. As a music journalist in the late seventies, Salewicz covered the early days of punk for a number of papers and became a personal friend to Strummer and the other band members. With unprecedented access to Strummer and the band, Salewicz became a confidante of many of the personalities involved with making the band a success––Mick Jones, Kosmo Vinyl, Paul Simonon, Pearl Harbor, and more. Because of this, Stummer’s friends and family have provided exclusive access to their stories of Joe and of the letters and drawings he made for them during this time, some reproduced in REDEMPTION SONG.
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Patti Smith Twelve CD

Patti Smith, the 2007 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, new CD "Twelve" an album of classic songs, is in stores now.

Patti Smith fans shouldn't be disappointed. I couldn't recall listening to any of the original songs before, so for me, Twelve wasn't a remake album, but original. While listening to the songs on Twelve, I felt like I was at a live concert. If you like rock music, you'll like Twelve. ~ Shelia M. Goss, Entertainment Writer and National Bestselling Author of Paige's Web, My Invisible Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true.
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FREE Tickets to Macy Gray at Jimmy Kimmel Live! - Los Angeles

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Macy Gray will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, May 3, 2007. Tune in at 12:05 pm for the show and catch her performance! Or better yet... Go to the show and watch it live, for free! Jimmy Kimmel Live is looking for Macy Gray fans to be part of his mini-concert on Thursday, May 3rd. Jimmy Kimmel Live features celebrity guests and cutting edge performers with plenty of surprises, panic, and general pandemonium. The best part is that Macy Gray will play 5 songs for you.

If you are interested in seeing Macy Gray in person and being a part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience, please visit http://www.1iota.com and follow these simple steps:

Click the 1iota TV Shows button
Click the Jimmy Kimmel Live logo
Choose Macy Gray event link to request tickets



You must be at least 18 years old
You must be available on Thursday, May 3rd from 6:15pm – 9:00pm
You must have a valid photo ID
Please do not wear white, light blue, beige or logos, as they don’t come across well on camera
Please do not bring large handbags or knapsacks
No cameras or recording devices
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Rate New Song Mad Money

Listen to the new song "Mad Money" below and then rate the song. Is it a Hit or Miss?
Click to listen to Mad Money by Young Gees

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Spanish Lullaby in Stores Today

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spanish Lullaby, the landmark seventh novel by bestselling author Linda Dominique Grosvenor, hits bookshelves today! Don't miss this compelling tale of love, suspense, and intrigue sure to keep you guessing until the very end. See advance praise for the book from critics and readers alike:

"Linda Dominique Grosvenor is back with a powerfully touching story...Spanish Lullaby will have readers going through a range of emotions...I found myself empathizing with Marsia Peterson and cheering her on as she faced some difficult obstacles."
- Shelia Goss, Essence Magazine Bestselling Author Of My Invisible Husband and Roses Are Thorns, Violets Are True

"This book is a real page-turner that will keep you guessing 'til the very last page...definitely a four-star read!"
- Rowena Brew, Armchair Interviews

"Linda Dominique Grosvenor has written a salient novel about love, loss, redemption, and forgiveness...she is a talented storyteller who dives into human beings' emotions without holding back...readers can easily identify with the characters and their situations."
- Mona Lisa Safai, TCM Reviews

Guaranteed to be a bestseller, Spanish Lullaby is available anywhere books are sold.

Get your copy today!
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Joe New Album in Stores Today

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joe is back with a hit new CD - Ain't Nothing Like Me. The album features Papoose and Yung Joc with production from Jermaine Dupri, Dre & Vidal, Tim & Bob, Brian Michael Cox, Stargate and Sean Garrett. Scroll down for more on Joe.

Ain't Nothing Like Me connects with listeners of all ages. Such a timeless relevancy yet again re-affirms that JOE, the man and the music, is a tenant of the highly respected old school while simultaneously pioneering the new school. Some call that... classic. Joe Thomas, the most distinct voice in R&B.

Official Site

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Five Questions with Michelle Monkou

Monday, April 23, 2007

With intriguing storylines and lovable characters, Michelle Monkou has been added to my list of favorite romance writers.

Did you set out to write sequels or did some of your characters later dictate an additional story?
I did not set out to write sequels, despite the popularity of such stories. However, readers' tastes, editors' wishes, and my multi-charactered stories helped to dictate the change in my story-telling.

How do you decide on the settings for your novels?

The settings of my novels are shaped by my characters. The setting is treated as a character in the plotting process that can shape the hero's or heroine's development. My settings that have involved Maryland suburbia, Texas ranch life, Bahamas should be a sensory connection for the reader.

Do you find it difficult to balance your home life with writing?
Sometimes balancing work and home life is difficult. Instead of making it a battle, though, I focus on my priorities - my home life, and then focus on my writing. As a result, I will use my freetime, late evenings or weekends to complete writing projects. Balancing the two components require lots of discipline.

Why did you chose to write romance?
I'm an avid reader of most genres. However, I have been reading romances since I was a young teen and discovered Mills and Boons, Barbara Cartland, and Harlequins. The romantic journey of the hero and heroine, ending with the realization of their mutual attraction, feeds the hopeful optimist in me.

What is your latest release about?
My latest release Here and Now, released in January '07, is the follow up to Sweet Surrender (released in September '06). Laura Masterson is determined not to let her handsome boss, Chase Dillard, distract her from attaining her personal best as a physical therapist. Especially because her new employer is the same world-class athlete who broke her heart back in the day. He put their relationship on hold to fulfill his Olympic potential, but soon realized that his victories were hollow without the woman he loved by his side. Chase definitely has some ground to make up if he wants to win Laura back.

Stay tuned for the third story: Straight To The Heart - coming in September '07.

To learn more about Michelle Monkou, visit her website: http://michellemonkou.com/

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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New Book - Paige's Web

Urban Soul presents
Paige's Web
One woman...Three men...And people say men have issues committing

Read a Chapter Excerpt
After taking a long sip, I looked down on the other end of the table. If looks could kill, the look in his mother's eyes would have had me dead on the spot. Congratulations were given. It was hard to tell which ones were sincere and which ones weren't. The moment I dreaded was at hand.

Alvin and I were walking hand and hand and as we approached his mom, she hugged him and whispered in his ear. His facial expression didn't change, but the spark in his eyes left and was replaced with darkness. I wondered what she said, but I would have to wait.

She stood and said, "Dear, let's have a talk."

"Sure." It wasn't like she was giving me a choice.

"Follow me."

I shrugged my shoulders and my eyes pleaded with Alvin to rescue me. He was either oblivious to my plea or ignored it all together. It became quiet as I followed behind her. She was older and petite, but she was definitely not slow. I increased my pace to keep up with her.

We entered what looked like to be the study because it had a huge oak desk and built- in wall shelves filled with every book imaginable. As a person who liked to read, I was in book heaven.

"Let me see the ring," Mrs. Rivera snapped.

She caught me off guard with her rudeness. "Excuse me?"

"The ring. I want to see how much money my son spent on you."

I held out my hand. She admired it up close and said, "It's more serious than what I thought."

"Yes, we are serious," I stated with a forced smiled.

Without blinking an eye, Mrs. Rivera said, "Ms. Webb. You're not right for my son."

I placed one hand on my hip and the palm of my other hand faced her. "Hold up. I'm not going to stand here and let you insult me."

"I'm not trying to insult you. Why haven't we met you before now?" she asked.

"That's a question you will have to ask Alvin."

"Oh, I know what it is. You've trapped him."

By then, I was livid. I titled my head to the side. "Excuse me?"

"Are you pregnant? I know that has to be the reason why my boy wants to marry you."

My south Dallas roots were about to come out, but I held those emotions in check. "First of all, Alvin is not a boy, he's a forty-something year old man. Secondly, I'm not pregnant. And even if I was, it wouldn't be any of your business."

I turned to walk away. She grabbed my arm and said, "This wedding won't happen if I have anything to say about it."

I jerked my arm away. "Alvin's a grown man. He's more than capable of making his own decisions."

"Not when you keep throwing the Black punani up in his face," she said with venom in her voice.

I turned around shocked. I couldn't believe she had the gall to say those words. I opened my mouth to respond, but I couldn't think of anything decent to say. In my mind I was calling her every name but a child of God. Instead I said, "I wish I could say it was a pleasure meeting you, but it would be a lie."

Paige's Web (ISBN: 1599830299) by Shelia M. Goss will be available in stores this Fall. Pre-order your copy from Amazon.com now. Pre-order your copy now.

Other Books by Shelia Goss
My Invisible Husband
How far would you go to please your family and friends...My Invisible Husband is the tale of one woman's desperate attempt to stop the age-old question posed to all women at some point in their lives: So when are you getting married? To appease her family and friends, 34-year-old Nicolette Montana fakes a Las Vegas wedding. How she handles her web of deceit makes for a dramatic and sometimes comical story. My Invisible Husband is in stores now. To order your copy online, check out this retailer

Roses are thorns, Violets are true
Sibling Rivalry, Betrayal, Resentment...Redemption ...

Roses are thorns, Violets are true (ISBN: 1599830108) is a compelling tale of sibling rivalry at its best. The award winning actress Rose Purdue woos her audience with the drama she brings between the pages. Her twin sister, Violet, shuns attention but don't take her kindness as a weakness These twins are guaranteed to keep the media talking and the readers flipping the pages. Rose puts on her best performance as she attempts to redeem her reputation with the public after Violet gives a tell-all interview to the media.Roses are thorns, Violets are true is in stores now. To order your copy online, check out this retailer

More about Shelia M Goss
Shelia M. Goss is the National bestselling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are Thorns, Violets are True, and Paige's Web. To learn more about the author or her books, please visit her website. Website: http://www.sheliagoss.com/
e-Spire Entertainment
email: sheliagoss@aol.com
For stories with a twist, pick up a book by Shelia M. Goss.
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Eve is Back

Here I Am


Geffen Records


"Tambourine" AUDIO



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Charlie Wilson Tour Dates

Charlie Wilson 2007
* NOTE: Dates are still be added

4/22/07 thru
4/28/07 Tokyo, Japan The Cotton Club

5/4/07 Tulsa, OK Osage Casino
5/5/07 Louisville, KY Private Event for Kentucky Derby
5/19/07 Cleveland, OH State Theater
5/22/07 thru
5/27/07 Tom Joyner Cruise Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

6/16/07 Deerfield Beach, FL Beach Music Festival
6/30/07 Anza, CA Cahuilla Creek Casino

7/6/07 Atlanta, GA Fox Theater
7/8/07 Baltimore, MD Camden Yards
7/13/07 Country Club Hills, IL Country Club Hills Amphitheater

8/10/07 Columbus, OH Ohio State Fair

9/15/07 Trenton, NJ Trenton Jazz Festival
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"U Ain't Know" feat. T-Pain by Sean P

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Lil Boosie and Webbie

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DVD Tournament of Dreams in stores April 24

CodeBlack Entertainment / Tycoon International



Debbie Allen (A Different World, Fame, Everybody Hates Chris)
Jayceon Taylor (The Documentary; Stop Snitchin', Stop Lyin')
Tony Todd (Candyman, Sleepwalk, The Crow)
Carl Lewis


For some young adults, dreams may be all they have to live for, especially when living in the inner-city. TOURNAMENT OF DREAMS is a touching American journey that follows six young ladies on the Woodlyn High School Lady Cavaliers Basketball Team as they strive to achieve their dreams, while facing the adversities of life head-on. When the school's principal (Debbie Allen) is faced with the threat of having their basketball program cancelled, the team and faculty members must go beyond a dream and search for a miracle to save their program. After careful convincing and persuasion by his prodigy daughter, a former basketball star (Tony Todd) comes in as a new coach to take the team to new heights, not only on the court, but also in their personal lives. He guides the "Lady Cavs" to a winning season, but not before forcing them to bounce back from various adversities - peer pressure, grades, dating, sex, inter-racial relations, divorce and loss.

Tournament of Dreams is a dramatic and uplifting coming-of-age story. It portrays the unique struggles a group of young female athletes, their coach, and mentors face to save their high school’s basketball program.

Running Time: 88 minutes
Rating: NR
Genre: Drama
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Def Jam Introduces Sterling Simms

Sterling Simms

"Nasty Girl" AUDIO

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Introducing Laura Izibor

19-year-old Laura Izibor is already making waves that extend far beyond her native city Dublin, Ireland. Only two years after taking up the piano at age 13, she entered Ireland's prestigious 2FM Song Contest, where she stunned observers by walking away with the main prize. She's the winner of the 2006 Irish Meteor Awards (Ireland's Grammy Awards) "New Hope" category, making her the first unreleased artist to ever win or be nominated.

The songstress has drawn ecstatic comparisons from Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys to Sade. The acclaim has led to her being invited to share the stage with a variety of artists including Angie Stone, Jamie Cullum, The Roots and the late, great James Brown.

Now known as "The Soul of Ireland," Izibor is readying the release of her first Atlantic Records USA album, Let The Truth Be Told, which she also co-produced. Recorded in Dublin, New York, Atlanta and Philadelphia, the eagerly anticipated album is set for a 2007 release.

Izibor will perform her first industry showcase post-signing in N. America at MUSEXPO on Monday 30, April at 9:10PM at The Viper Room in West Hollywood.

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Elliott Yamin on Tour


Tour Schedule:

17-May Thu Alexandria, VA The Birchmere All Ages
18-May Fri Richmond, VA Innsbrook Pavilion All Ages
19-May Sat Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom All Ages
20-May Sun Norfolk, VA The Norva All Ages
22-May Tue New York, NY Bowery 16+
25-May Fri Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts All Ages
26-May Sat Cleveland, OH Great American Rib and Music Festival All Ages
27-May Sun Pittsburgh, PA Diesel All Ages
29-May Tue Lancaster, PA The Chameleon All Ages
30-May Wed Detroit, MI St Andrews Hall All Ages
2-Jun Sat Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater All Ages
3-Jun Sun Minneapolis, MN Trocadero 18+
5-Jun Tue Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre 16+
6-Jun Wed Salt Lake City, UT In the Venue All Ages
8-Jun Fri Portland, OR Roseland Theater All Ages
9-Jun Sat Vancouver, CAN Commodore Ballroom 19+
10-Jun Sun Seattle, WA Showbox All Ages
12-Jun Tue San Francisco, CA Slims All Ages
14-Jun Thu Los Angeles, CA The Roxy All Ages
15-Jun Fri San Diego, CA House of Blues All Ages
19-Jun Tue Tucson, AZ The Rialto Theatre All Ages
20-Jun Wed Tempe, AZ The Marquee All Ages
21-Jun Thu Anaheim, CA House of Blues All Ages
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Phat Kat Carte Blanche in Stores May 8th

Phat Kat
Carte Blanche
In stores May 8, 2007

Phat Kat's MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/phatkatakaronniecash
Phat Kat's Imeem: http://phatkat313.imeem.com/
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Five Questions with Author Suzetta Perkins

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What motivated you to write your first novel?
I was going through a bleak time in my life. I attended a literary retreat in New York in 2000, and after listening to author after author share how they came to write their first novel, I allowed a long-time dream of mine to take flight. I redirected my energy and began to write, and I also began to heal.

What is the premise for Behind the Veil?
Jefferson Myles, Black Businessman of the Year and CEO of his own securities firm, allows greed to take him down a dark and dangerous road and compromise the lives of those near and dear to him.

Do you do research for any of your stories? If so, can you share some tips.
Yes, I have done some research for my books. The research may be cumbersome or a minor undertaking. For Behind the Veil, one of my characters drove down a real street in Fayetteville. I drove down the street in my car and recorded every building in succession on my digital recorder. I also had a scene where a character goes into a police station. Since I modeled my story after the police station on this particular street, I drove to the police station, went inside the building, and recorded what I saw to include the inscription I use in the book. It is wonderful to have a reader email you and tell you that your book provided a wonderful introduction to a city they had just moved to.

In my third novel EX-Files, which will be released in May 2008, I have a character who has breast cancer. Besides going online and the library to do my research, I contacted an oncologist who happens to be on the Board of Trustees where I work, who graciously gave me facts and background information based on the questionnaire I shared with him. He also provided me with the opportunity to visit his clinic so that I could see firsthand where chemo treatments are administered and what the room looks like. If you use the information correctly, you should have a story that is authentic.

Tell me more about New Visions Writer's Group. How can interested writers join?
New Visions Writer's Group began as a writers group for aspiring writers headed by best-selling author, Jacquelin Thomas. Several New Vision members (myself included) attended a faith-based literary conference organized by Ms. Thomas, and during that experience many of us expressed the desire to start a writers group.

New Visions members live in the Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, North Carolina area, and we meet once a month at a members home or restaurant and discuss our work in progress, providing critiques and other helpful feedback. We also receive instruction from Ms. Thomas about the mechanics of writing, often purchasing books that our discussion comes from. We also have a members' yahoo group where assignments, messages, and photos are posted as well as a blog to enhance our work.

Several members now have published work. While our membership is almost full, anyone who is interested in participating in our writers group and live in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, can email me at nubianqe2@aol.com.

Who are some of your favorite writers?
That is a tough question since I enjoy many writers. If I had to narrow it down to two or three, I would say Toni Morrison and Pearl Cleage.

To learn more about Suzetta Perkins and her books, visit her website at http://www.suzettaperkins.com.

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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Get Your Music Placed in the Upcoming Bratz Movie


Geffen Records is calling all musicians for the chance for their music to be placed in the upcoming live-action comedy adventure of Bratz: The Movie. MGA Entertainment, Avi Arad Productions and Crystal Sky Pictures have teamed up on the live-action Bratz movie, hitting theatres nationwide on August 10th through Lions Gate Films. The soundtrack will be available through Geffen Records on July 31st.

Musical submissions will be reviewed by top A&R executives at Geffen Records from now until the deadline of May 15th. If you've always wanted to get your music in front of a major record label, this is your opportunity and a chance to be discovered.

Here's how it works:
Musicians can go to the following website http://www.bratzsoundtrack.com and enter their contact information, including their URL, where the A&R department from Geffen Records will review the music. If the music is accepted, a representative from Geffen Records will contact the artist and award them placement into the film and or soundtrack, where their music will be placed along the music of artists signed to Interscope, Geffen and A&M.

Rules and regulations apply. Please go to http://www.bratzsoundtrack.com for complete information.

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T-Pain "Buy U A Drank" Video

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Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss"

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Astonish Records releases Soular's new album - Love Crash Heal

Soular So, This Is The Way It Feels Audio Streams:



Check out Soular's official site:
and on MySpace page:

Buy it on Amazon

or Buy digitally at iTunes
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Enter to win a Microphone courtesy of Loud.com and Battle Rap

Monday, April 09, 2007

Scroll down to enter or click on the following link: http://www.sheliagoss.com/contests.htm


Email Address:

Enter me in the Loud.com contest: (Please check at least one)



By checking this box you indicate that you understand that no purchase is necessary and void if prohibited by law. (Required)



Loud is Back! Pure Games Launches Loud.com and Battlerap.com - as Hip-Hop Community Site, with Winner Getting $100K and a Record Deal with SRC Records
SRC's Steve Rifkind and Joseph Safina's Pure Games to Launch Groundbreaking Site Offering Original Beats for 99 Cents from Leading Hip-Hop Producers

NEW YORK--Hip-hop finally has its own version of successful online communities like YouTube, MySpace and various game sites with the debut of Battle Rap, a contest which will be launched on the legendary Loud.com. The project is a Joint venture with SRC Records and Pure Games. Entrepreneur Joseph Safina, along with hip-hop legend Steve Rifkind and Rich Isaacson will spearhead the site.

LOUD.COM is a free competition open to all registered users that offers the ability to download professional beats from some of today's leading hip-hop producers at 99 cents apiece and overlay rap tracks while going head-to-head with other DJs and MCs from around the world. The series of battles will be judged by celebrity hip-hop producers such as Cool and Dre, Zukhan Bey, DJ Khaled and Teflon, with the ultimate winner of the Showdown given $100,000 in cash and a recording deal with SRC Records, Steve Rifkind's Universal Music Group-distributed label that is home to such platinum-plus, Grammy-nominated superstars as Akon and David Banner. Additional judges will be announced soon.

"Loud.com and Battle Rap will revolutionize the way records are made, marketed and sold," said Safina, founder and CEO of Pure Games. "Loud.com is an online community, competition, A&R site and marketing company all rolled into one. We have assembled a great team to execute our plan and are eager to get started."

Said Rifkind, who revolutionized grass roots marketing with his patented Street Team: "The resurrection of Loud.com and Battle Rap is the latest step in providing a vibrant, growing on-line hip-hop community with not only compelling user-generated content, but also the means to create and sell their own product to like-minded fans."

Added Isaacson, a Harvard-trained attorney who formed Loud Records with Rifkind: "Our vision is to create a place where all with a shared passion can come together to meet, share, create, express and battle, where creativity, aspiration and competition melds into something fresh. It combines the interaction of social networking communities, the competition of online gaming and the thrill of creation."

Battle Rap puts the user at center stage, providing them with professional "beats" from leading hip-hop artists along with powerful online editing tools which will allow them to create their own raps and compete with other aspiring MCs and DJs around the world. There is no charge except the 99 cents for the downloaded beats. Each battle is officiated by a panel of celebrity hip-hop producers, with a 10-round head-to-head elimination resulting in a Battle Rap Showdown final. The final winner will receive $100,000 in cash and a recording deal with Rifkind's SRC label, home of Akon and David Banner, among others.

The Battle Rap portal includes original beats by celebrity producers, educational forums on making demos, engineering and production tips, ringtone creation, bulletin boards, a real-time data base, chat rooms and a comprehensive grass roots marketing program, including posters, flyers, T-shirts, hats and other gift items.
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Linda Dominique Grosvenor New Book


Are you having the same recycled relationships year after year and expecting different results? Are you expecting your mate to come up and be more but can't see your flaws or are unwilling to change yourself? Have you all but given up on ever finding a compatible mate? Are you at the point that you are finally tired of doing it your way and are ready to cast your relationship cares on Him once and for all?

The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate is Changing Lives!

The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate by Linda Dominique Grosvenor is unadulterated, hard-hitting, tough-loving, no-nonsense truth. With Biblical principles, keen insight, self-disclosure and candidness Linda Dominique Grosvenor provides guidance to those struggling with sexual soul ties, an adulterous relationship, low self-esteem and have resigned themselves to settling for second-best or finally want the freedom to receive God's blessings for their lives.

"Christian women all too often settle for someone that is not God's intended soul mate for them. They may get in a rush and run ahead of God or they simply settle for the first opportunity for marriage that comes along. If you are currently hunting for a man, please consider reading The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate first!" -- Diana Pederson for BellaOnline.com

"Real love-God-give love-isn't always found in expected places. Neither are good reads. The Plural Thing by Linda Dominique Grosvenor is one of those surprises. Single or married, all women will find encouragement and healing here." --Marilynn Griffith, author of Pink, Made of Honor and If the Shoe Fits

This book is a labor of love and the pre-ordering frenzy began in January when the author hinted at a revised edition. Because relationships are a sensitive subject, guidance like this is sorely needed. It's guaranteed to SELL OUT. Don't wait to borrow your best friend's copy. Don't end up on the waiting list for a copy either. Get your own copy of The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate today at Amazon.com.

Single, Married or Divorced Log on to http://www.thepluralthing/
or http://www.lindadominiquegrosvenor.com/ and read an excerpt!
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MTV's 'Pimp My Ride' & Governor Schwarzenegger

California Governor Helps Xzibit & G.A.S. Crew Turn A '65 Impala into 800 Horsepower Biodiesel Clean Machine!
Earth Day Episode Rounds Out thinkMTV's Year-Long 'Break the Addiction' Campaign Empowering Youth To Curb Climate Change

In accordance with Earth Day 2007, MTV and the "Pimp My Ride" crew prove that going green can get extreme, especially with a little help from a friend - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As part of a very special Earth Day episode airing April 22nd at 1 pm ET/PT, Governor Schwarzenegger visits Xzibit, Mad Mike and the entire "Pimp My Ride" crew at G.A.S. (Galpin Auto Sports), as they take aim on a '65 Chevy Impala, and give it a one of a kind ecological alteration. Ultimately proving that power and preservation can co-exist thanks to partners at Galpin, Imperium Renewables, General Motors and others, the Impala gets an 800 horsepower diesel engine that will run on biodiesel, turning it into one extraordinary clean machine! "I would like to thank MTV and the entire 'Pimp my Ride' crew for shining the spotlight on the importance of alternative fuels and the fight against global warming. I am very encouraged by the great potential in converting vehicles to run on biodiesel as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "I am pleased that the power of MTV's message will reach an audience throughout California and the nation to reinforce the benefits of alternative-fuel vehicles and protecting our environment."

The special episode will air as part of the thinkMTV (http://www.think.mtv.com) year long, 12-step campaign "Break The Addiction" engaging, empowering, and educating millions of young people to make smart, everyday choices that both improve their life and help curb the impact of climate change and preserve the environment. The episode will also air on MTV2 and MTV Tr3s, and appear on MTV as the kick-off of a "Pimp My Ride" Sneak Peek marathon featuring all new episodes of the MTV hit series beginning at 1 pm ET/PT on Sunday, April 22nd. "What better way to celebrate the anniversary of our Break the Addiction campaign than pimping the environment with a pro like Governor Schwarzenegger - a powerful voice in the fight against climate change," said Christina Norman, President, MTV. "During the past year, we've reached millions, giving our audience the tools they want to make changes in their own lives. The state of our environment is one of the most critical issues facing our audience today and we're honored that we can inspire and educate even more as we celebrate Earth Day with this special 'Pimp My Ride' event."

During this special edition of "Pimp My Ride" fans will meet Kristoffer from North Hollywood, CA who has had more than his fair share of car trouble with his 1965 Chevy Impala. Rescue comes his way however as Xzibit pays him a surprise, and takes his car to G.A.S. for the ultimate ecological transformation. Beau, Mad Mike, and the entire G.A.S. team put together the plan, which includes installing a monster 800 horsepower diesel engine that will run on biodiesel! Fans watch every step of the way, and even join Mad Mike as he visits the guys at Imperium Renewables to learn exactly how alternative fuels are created and used. The crew then decides to test out how the new biodiesel Impala fares against a Lamborghini Gallardo in the ultimate race! In a surprise visit, Governor Schwarzenegger himself visits G.A.S. to help with the final touches and provides his own eco-approval. With the race and transformation complete with the Governor's blessing, Kristoffer gets jolted when his new pimped-out masterpiece is unveiled before him.

Galpin Auto Sports, the garage of "Pimp My Ride," takes going green to an all-new level in this special episode. Their dedication to protecting our Earth dates back to 1979 when Galpin Motors began converting fleets of gasoline engine vehicles to run on methanol and even opened the nation's first methanol service station. Additionally, Galpin Motors was one of the first dealers to sell Ford flexible fuel vehicles, TH!NK Neighbors and other electric vehicles, for which they even built an on-site charging station.

General Motors lends a hand with the restoration of this very special '65 Chevy Impala with its efficient and powerful Duramax diesel engine which, when found in the latest Chevrolet and GMC trucks, is one of the cleanest diesel engines ever produced. GM is focused on reducing the environmental impact of its vehicles and promoting energy diversity with the development of advanced fuel-saving technologies for the conventional vehicle, the use of biofuels like E85 ethanol and biodiesel, and the development of electrically-driven vehicles like hybrids, fuel cells, and those that can be powered by lithium ion battery technology. To restore this classic Impala to mint condition, Mad Mike, Beau and the G.A.S. crew wanted to use the "real thing" - original parts manufactured with the original tool and die from GM Restoration Parts.

Imperium Renewables was also a key partner in this special episode of "Pimp My Ride" - providing biodiesel fuel and engineering expertise as well as providing a year supply of biodiesel fuel made from Canola for the show's lucky recipient of the new pimped out ride. A leader in the renewable energy industry, Imperium Renewables is committed to helping society break its addiction to petroleum. Known for its creation of several proprietary new production innovations and technology, Imperium Renewables is currently set to build the largest biodiesel production facility in the U.S. at Imperium Grays Harbor, Washington this year.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2006, thinkMTV launched "Break the Addiction," a 12-step campaign to engage, educate and empower millions of young people to make smart, everyday choices that both improve their life and help to curb the impact of climate change and preserve our environment. The campaign, which exists across all of MTV's platforms, focuses primarily on individual, daily actions young people can take to reduce their consumption, while simultaneously inspiring and rewarding high school and college-aged youth to develop innovative solutions that capitalize on the opportunity to build a better environmental future for themselves and their world. To date, "Break the Addiction" has reached millions of young people through on air programming, MTV News stories, public service announcements, online resources, contests and on the ground mobilizing. For more information about thinkMTV's Break the Addiction campaign, visit think.mtv.com.
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Peggy Eldridge Love featured at MipoRadio

April is poetry month so hopefully by now you've gotten a chance to read poems by some of your favorite poets. One of my favorite's was featured recently at MipoRadio.

Peggy Eldridge-Love
To Hear "You've Got Mail" CLICK HERE.

To learn more about this dynamic writer, go to http://www.peggyeldridgelove.com/ or http://peggyeldridgelove.blogspot.com/.

To order a copy of Peggy Eldridge Love's latest book-- You Beckon, CLICK HERE.
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Sean Kingston New Single featuring The Game and Rick Ross

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Brian McKnight "What's My Name" Video

See "What's My Name" Video:
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Seventeen year-old Texan, Dan Hunter is the poptronica genius behind PlayRadioPlay (PRP), which has already hit one million plays on MySpace and opened for Fall Out Boy all in the space of a single year. The highly anticipated EP The Frequency will available in stores April 24, 2007. And one short month later fans can find him on tour with some of the biggest names in music on Warped Tour.

"Confines Of Gravity"

Windows HI

For more information please visit www.myspace.com/playradioplay
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Alexa Wilkinson on tour with John Kelley

Opening for Josh Kelley tour, April 10 - May 4, 2007

Wilspro Management is proud to announce the debut tour of 20-year-old singer-songwriter Alexa Wilkinson, who is opening for Josh Kelley from April 10 through May 4, 2007. Spanning 10 cities in 6 different states, this tour will premiere a collection of 11 original songs, all written or co-written by Wilkinson herself. Her first CD, Lullaby Appetite, which is now available on iTunes will be nationally released in June of this year on DNK Records (home to Josh Kelley).

Josh Kelley stated about Alexa:
"I was immediately impressed with Alexa's music--she is an extremely talented singer and songwriter whose unique sound will no doubt propel her to the top. She's got such a natural, easygoing style to her music that anyone from all ages can relate to. I'm proud to have her on tour with me!"”


Alexa's Tour Dates:

Tuesday, April 10 Madison, Wisconsin - The Stage Door
Wednesday, April 11 Minneapolis, Minnesota - Fine Line Music Club
Friday, April 13 Bloomington, Indiana - Jake's
Saturday, April 14 Ann Arbor, Michigan - The Blind Pig
Tuesday, April 17 Indianapolis, Indiana - The Music Mill
Sunday, April 22 Dallas, Texas - Granada Theater
Tuesday, April 24 Denver, Colorado- Soiled Dove
Sunday, April 29 San Francisco, California - The Independent
Monday, April 30 San Juan Capistrano, California- The Coach House
Friday, May 4 Los Angeles, California - Troubadour
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Swizz Beatz New CD in stores Now

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Paul Wall Get Money Stay True in Stores Now

Track Listings for Get Money Stay True:
1. Get Your Paper Up FT. Yung Redd
2. Everybody Know Me FT. Snoop Dogg
3. Break Em Off FT. Lil Keke
4. I'm Throwed FT. Jermaine Dupri
5. Call Me What U Want FT. Yung Redd & E Class
6. On The Grind FT. Freeway
7. Bangin Screw
8. How Gangstas Roll FT. Crys Wall
9. That Fire FT. Trina
10. Tonight FT. Jon B
11. Gimme That
12. I'm Real, What Are You? FT. KLC & Juelz Santana
13. I Ain't Hard To Find
14. Slidin On That Oil FT. Expensive Taste

Watch "Break Em Off" Video

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Joe Tours with Brian Mcknight

Ain't Nothing Like Me IN STORES APRIL 24
Jive Records
Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/officialjoemusic

Overseas Tour Dates:
4/9 London, England - Brixton Academy
4/11 London, England - Hammersmith, Apollo
4/13 Stockholm, Sweden
4/14 Malmo, Sweden

U.S. Tour Dates with Brian McKnight:
4/27 Oakland, CA - Paramount Theatre
4/29 Los Angeles, CA - Gibson
4/30 Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
5/3 St. Louis, MO - Fox Theatre
5/5 Chicago, IL - Merrillville, Star Plaza
5/6 Cleveland, OH - State Theatre
5/9 Hartford, CT - Oakdale
5/10 Providence, RI
5/11 Westbury, NY - Westbury Music Fair
5/12 Washinton, DC - Constitution Hall
5/13 New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
5/18 Miami, FL - Knights Center
5/19 Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park
5/20 Virginia Beach, VA - Verizon Wireless Theatre
5/24 Louisville, KY - Whitney Hall
5/25 Columbus, OH - Promo West Pavillion
5/26 Charlotte, NC - Cricket Arena
5/27 Orlando, FL - House of Blues
5/31 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
6/1 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre
6/2 Dallas, TX - Nokia Theatre
6/3 Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theatre
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Jane Monheit's New CD Surrender

Critically acclaimed and Grammy nominated vocalist Jane Monheit returns with her seventh album, her first for Concord Records, on April 24, 2007. Surrender was produced by the illustrious Jorge Callandrelli (Celine Dion, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand and more) and the program features 10 tracks of beautifully sung ballads and romantic bossa novas. Songs include Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed," Sergio Mendes' "So Many Stars," which he produced, arranged and guests on, and Johnny Mandel & Paul Francis Webster's "A Time for Love."

On Surrender, the 29 year-old Monheit worked with her regular, stellar core of musicians including Ari Ambrose (saxophone), Michael Kanan (piano and Fender Rhodes), Orlando Le Fleming (bass), Rick Montalbano (drums) and Miles Okazaki (guitar).

Surrender Audio Streams:



Jane Monheit Concord Official Site:

Jane Monheit Official Site:

Jane Monheit on MySpace:
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Deniece Williams Love, Niecy Style

Multi Grammy-Award Winning & Platinum Selling R&B Singer Deniece Williams Makes Major Return to R&B After A Decade with Shanachie Debut Love, Niecy Style

This Time I'll Be Sweeter
Love's Holiday

The Legendary Vocalist Reunites on Record with Some of the Artists Who Have Been Instrumental in Her Career - Stevie Wonder, George Duke and Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey!!!

Deniece Williams will forever be one of the great all-time R&B divas. Processing an infectious, angelic and soulful honey -coated voice with an awe-inspiring range, Deniece Williams set the bar high for R&B singers back in the 70s and to this day her influence can be heard on everyone from Mariah Carey to Beyoncé. Her songs have been sampled by dozens of artists including Will Smith and Master P. Deniece's pure, rich and spine-tingling vocal quality, along with her impeccable diction and ability to honestly connect with any song has resulted in a vast catalog of hits. Some of her timeless anthems include "Silly," "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" (her No. 1 pop and R&B duet with Johnny Mathis), "Let's Hear It For The Boy" (the million-selling pop/soul chart-topper from the movie Footloose), "It's Gonna Take A Miracle," "Free" (from her gold-certified This Is Niecy album) and "Black Butterfly." In recent years the chanteuse has primarily been recording gospel records but on April 24, 2007 Shanachie Entertainment will release Deniece Williams' highly anticipated return to R&B Love, Niecy Style produced by renowned Philly soul producer Bobby Eli. Deniece's label debut will mark her first major return to R&B in over a decade. For this momentous occasion Deniece called upon some of the artists who have been instrumental throughout her career: Stevie Wonder, George Duke and Philip Bailey.

In 1978, Deniece Williams' sophomore album Songbird was released, coming two years after the classic "Free" (from her gold-certified This Is Niecy album) propelled her into international fame and success. The title was a perfect description of the soulful vocal beauty associated with this legendary singer/songwriter and it is as appropriate now as it was back then. Indeed, a songbird with a dynamic range, a distinctive sound and a true gift for lyrical interpretation, Deniece has long enjoyed a place in the hearts of music buyers who embraced her through a rich legacy of close to thirty charted singles and a dozen best-selling albums. Her career also includes four Grammy wins and an extensive list of credits including sixteen Grammy nominations, three Stellar Awards, an American Music Award and an Oscar nomination.

As Deniece reflects "I wasn't really thinking about making a new record until a mutual friend put me in touch with Bobby, who I knew from the recording sessions I did with Thom Bell in the early '80s which included songs like "Silly" and "It's Gonna Take A Miracle." Bobby talked to me about the idea of doing a project of songs that I've always loved. I thought it was a great way to honor artists like Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway and Gwen Guthrie and what their music has meant to me. When people listen to this project, I hope it will take them back down memory lane as well as create new memories for those who may not be familiar with all the songs on the album."

Within weeks of agreeing to Love, Niecey Style, Bobby Eli (whose extensive production credits include such favorites as Sister Sledge, Atlantic Starr, Major Harris, Blue Magic and Engelbert Humperdink and whose discography includes countless Philly soul sessions as a star guitarist with Billy Paul, The Spinners, Wilson Pickett, The Salsoul Orchestra, The O'Jays, MFSB, The Temptations and Elton John) and Deniece had begun selecting songs for it. "There were so many songs I had been carrying around forever, humming them, singing them and never thinking I would be recording them!" she declares. "By the time we finished, I felt we had done what we set out to do." For Eli, working with Deniece was "a pure pleasure. She's a producer's dream, a very special artist and someone I always wanted to work with from being on the Thom Bell sessions with her."

Love, Niecey Style is particularly special, given the presence of three distinguished music men who have played an integral role in Deniece's career at different times: icon Stevie Wonder (with whom Deniece got her first gig as a member of his touring backup vocal group Wonderlove in 1972); super producer, songwriter and artist in his own right, George Duke (who produced 1984's Grammy-winning "Let's Hear It For The Boy"); and renowned vocalist Philip Bailey, of Earth, Wind & Fire, with whom Deniece was associated by virtue of working with EW&F's Maurice White and Kalimba Productions from 1976 to 1982.

In addition, what distinguishes Niecy's new CD from other albums of R&B 'cover' tunes is the range of her choices, starting with the 1963 Baby Washington chestnut "That's How Heartaches Are Made" through to Donny Hathaway's eternal "Someday We'll All Be Free" and on to Luther Vandross' first solo 1981 smash, "Never Too Much." For good measure, Deniece re-recorded her own "Cause You Love Me Baby," a staple in her repertoire since the track was included in her 1976 Columbia debut album as well as cutting a brand new song, "The Only Thing I'm Missing Is You," a prime romantic mood-setting, sensuous cut which showcases the songbird sounding better than ever!

The basic tracks on Love, Niecey Style were cut by producer Eli in Philadelphia; an all-star cast of West Coast musicians including saxman Everette Harp, bass player extraordinaire Freddie Washington and Tower Of Power trumpeter Greg Adams then added their musical skills to the album. Says Deniece, "It was an extraordinary experience to make music with such gifted musicians…words could never truly express how special it made me feel being in the studio again with Stevie, George, Philip, Greg, Freddie and Everette. Truly, I was surrounded by friends and loved ones."

The spirit of love and celebration is displayed throughout Love, Niecey Style. Speaking about her choices for the album, Deniece explains, "I'd been wanting to record "That's How Heartaches Are Made" for years. I was thirteen when I first heard Baby Washington sing this song. It touched my heart because at the time, I was in love with this boy but he didn't love me the same way! When we started recording the song, I could hear Stevie (Wonder) playing harmonica on it. 'Can you come down?' I asked and he was gracious enough to play on the track. It turned out beautifully. Then, "Love's Holiday" has always been one of my favorite EW&F songs.

It was also written by Skip Scarborough, who I feel was one of the best songwriters of our generation. Then having my dearest friend Philip Bailey sing on it…it doesn't get any better than that!"

The standout ballad "This Time I'll Be Sweeter" (previously cut by both Angela Bofill and Roberta Flack, one of the many artists whose recordings - including Minnie Riperton and Esther Phillips - benefited from Deniece's work as a session singer in the '70s) is a tribute to a longtime friend: "The song was written by the late Gwen Guthrie who we lost to breast cancer. Gwen used to sing with me, Lani Groves and Patti Austin - we were in the same circle of background singers when I lived in New York and I remember when she wrote the song. I always wanted to do it and it's my way of honoring Gwen."

Deniece says the two most challenging tunes were her reading of Donny Hathaway's "Someday We'll All Be Free" (which features Greg Adams) and one of the only covers ever done of Luther's "Never Too Much." The vocalist shares, "I told Bobby (Eli) and Executive Producer Danny Weiss that I wanted to do Donny's song. After I listened to his rendition again, I just broke down and cried. I thought, 'do I have the audacity to do this song?' I called the record company and told them I'd made a mistake. They said, 'are you crazy? No…you gotta do the song!' It has a beautiful message of encouragement so I'm glad I did it. As for the Luther song, well, he was a friend and certainly one of the best vocalists of our time. I had no idea how hard a song "Never Too Much" was to sing – you can hardly sing and breathe on it. I tell people, when I get to heaven, I'm going to tell Luther how hard it was to do!"

Keeping with contemporary classics of the '80s, Deniece chose Kool & The Gang's "Cherish" about which she says, "real love only happens on a few occasions and when we have it, we shouldn't take it for granted"; and George Benson's 1983 hit, "Love Me (One More Time)" which she declares is her favorite Benson song, given "something really special by George (Duke) who played on the track." Rounding out this stellar collection are her own "Cause You Love Me Baby" and "If You Really Love Me," another nod to Stevie Wonder. "I sang this song so much as background for Stevie that at one time, I was singing it in my sleep! I was very apprehensive about doing this song because he was and still is my mentor and I wanted to please him. I think I've made him proud." The choice for Deniece Williams to revisit one of her own classic tunes "Cause You Love Me Baby" was easy: "I've been very blessed as a songwriter and publisher to have so much of my music sampled. I was going to re-do "Free" but then I thought it would be good to do something up-tempo because it's been sampled by so many other artists…and being the romantic I am, it seemed perfect for this project."

Since the mid-'80s, Deniece has been busier than ever, recording a children's CD, Lullabies To Dreamland, appearing in the London cast of the pioneering musical "Mama I Want To Sing," producing and hosting her own radio program, "The Deniece Williams Show" for BBC Radio for almost ten years. Purposely devoting much of her time to raising her four sons, Deniece says she made a conscious choice to limit her touring activities: "I've been doing maybe ten concerts a year and in recent years, I've really got into writing theater pieces and developing film scripts with my older sons. I felt it was time to test myself in other creative ways. Now with my children grown, it's time for mom to be out there again! I chose to stay at home and did only 10% of what I could have done. Vocally, I think I'm stronger than I've ever been and it's time to get out there and do it. I've been blessed with a fantastic audience and I'm always humbled by that. My audience reminds me that this is what I'm supposed to be doing!"

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