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Joe Ain't Nothing Like Me Review

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ain't Nothing Like Me, Joe's latest CD, is for the mature at heart. It's the right music to spice up your night. If I Was Your Man, one of the first singles, enticed me to want to listen to the entire CD.

There's not a bad song on the 14 track CD. It was hard choosing favorite tracks, but if I had to, they would be If I Was Your Man, My Love, Go Hard, Ain't Nothing Like Me, Feel For You, and You Should Know Me.

Whether you're planning a romantic evening or relaxing by yourself, I recommend adding Joe's new CD Ain't Nothing Like Me to your playlist. ~ Shelia M. Goss, entertainment writer and National Bestselling author of Double Platinum (coming Spring 2008), Paige's Web (coming Fall 2007), My Invisibile Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true.

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Ne-Yo Because of You Review

Normally an artist's second CD doesn't live up to their debut, but in this case it surpasses it. Ne-Yo is not only a great songwriter, but he's proven that as an artist he has staying power with the release of "Because of You."

Each song from track 1 to track 12 tells a story and that's why his songs are appealing to me as a listener. He has two collaborations on the CD: Crazy with Jay-Z and Leaving Tonight with Jennifer Hudson. I personally loved Leaving Tonight. It's a great duet and I would love to see it released as a single.

Besides Leaving Tonight, I listen to these songs over and over: Because of You, Can We Chill, Do You, Ain't Thinking About You, and Say It.

You can tell who his influences are but it doesn't take away from enjoying Ne-Yo.

"Because of You" is Ne-Yo's love letter to his fans and listeners shouldn't be disappointed if they want a CD that contains great lyrics and music. ~ Shelia M. Goss, entertainment writer and National Bestselling author of Double Platinum (coming Spring 2008), Paige's Web (coming Fall 2007), My Invisibile Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true.

To read my first interview with Ne-Yo back during his first album release, CLICK HERE.
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Lil Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, and Trill Fam - Survival of the Fittest Review

Survival of the Fittest is available in two versions (the uncut and the clean version). I prefer the clean version. I had heard two of the songs on the radio before listening to the entire CD. Wipe Me Down, Do It Stick It, Watch My Shoes, and Bout Dat are songs that I would listen to when taking a ride or trying to get people pumped at a party. I also like the remix version of Wipe Me Down that's on the CD.

Lil Boosie, Webbie, Foxx and Trill Fam keep the party crunked with Survival of the Fittest. ~ Shelia M. Goss, entertainment writer and National Bestselling author of Double Platinum (coming Spring 2008), Paige's Web (coming Fall 2007), My Invisibile Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true.

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R Kelly Double Up in Stores Today

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

R.Kelly's Website

R. Kelly on Myspace

AUDIO (EXPLICIT!) I'm a Flirt (Remix) feat. T.I and T-Pain

VIDEO I'm a Flirt (Remix) feat. T.I. and T-Pain


"...he has affirmed his position as one of the era’s greatest..." - NY Times

"...vintage R Kelly..." - USA Today

"...Kelly’s not only smooth enough for the ladies, but rough enough for the fellas..." - NY Post

"The album provides plenty of examples of the real reason that Kelly's career continues to thrive…he keeps serving up the hot jams." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"...the smooth vocals and sizzling hip-hop beats are hype-worthy." - US Weekly

"[the] microdramas are so masterfully executed that it’s easy to forget how great the music is..." - Washington Post
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NahJai Speaks About Soul Therapy

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How long have you been singing professionally?
I have been singing professional for over 5 years. Initially it was within Mass Community Choirs and groups whereby we actually performed around the country. As far as my own projects, I would say now for about 5 years.

Are your lyrics inspired by any of your past relationships?
Of course, they most often always are. I find I write my best when I draw from what I have gone through and know others have went through as well...the good, the bad and the ugly...lol

If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?
Wow...If I wasn't able to sing and pursue my music I would probably be somewhere doing something else creative. I love fashion and just creating period so probably doing something with fashion...Now make no mistake about it...it is hard being an independent artist because you spend money before you make it...and I mean lots of it so that means you have to have something on the side to make ends meet.

Did you collaborate with anyone on your new CD?
Its funny you ask me that : - ) Yes I started out working with a new upcoming producer by the name of JayJay Johnson with Nusong Productions and as time grew on we collaborated on some of the songs on the new album whereby he co-wrote and produced. He is an awesome producer/musician and is making his mark on the industry.

What do you want the listener to walk away with after listening to your album?
The new album is entitled "Soul Therapy" and as I was driving my car this morning, I was thinking what does that mean and what do I want it to mean. You know how in life we go through different emotions and changes. I want people to be able to put on this CD when they need emotional encouragement...we have that...when they need some love music we have that...when they are just tired from a long hard day at work and want to Just Relax...we have that as well. The album is entitled Soul Therapy so that on any given day when you need some therapy you can play Nahjai Soul CD entitled "Soul Therapy" and get what you need...sort of like food for the soul!!!

How do you feel when you're performing on stage?
Wow Shelia, Good question. You are digging in deep now...lol.

I love to share my gift with others and feel like someone has been touched in some way by what the Father has allowed me to share. I am always nervous at first during the first few seconds when I walk to the mic but once the music starts and I start singing its just me and the music. I used to think butterflies were bad until I heard Patti Labelle say one day "When you have lost the Butterflies you have lost the passion for the music" and I totally agree with that.

What advice would you give other young ladies who want to follow in your path?
Shelia, it is hard in today's society being a woman and standing up for what you believe in. In the industry today a lot of Sex is being sold and it doesn't matter what is being said. Lyrics are superficial and we have very few role models for the children. First and foremost you need to understand who you are and your purpose. Love yourself from the inside out and know that you can do whatever you set your mind to without compromising your self worth. Stay focused and true to God and yourself.

There will be many battles you may have to fight but just know that at the end of the day it is only what you do for Christ that will last. Stand firm and educate yourself as much as possible in whatever you are trying to pursue so you know that you know...that you know.

Most importantly for every NO there is a YES around the corner so by all means do not give up..
Describe your personality in three words.
Humble, Passionate, Giving

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?
I would like to say first and foremost thanks to you Shelia for reaching out to independent artists and spreading the word to let people know we are out here.

To the fans please go to www.myspace.com/nahjai and check out my show dates coming up. If you are in the area i would love for you to come experience some Soul Therapy with Myself and JayJay with Nusong Entertainment who is amazing on the piano and will be playing with me live.

Also feel free to drop a friend request or send us an email at nusongentertainment@yahoo.com. It is important if you want music like ours to be heard to support our efforts as best you can. Everything you will be hearing and seeing we have done on our own and with the help of the Lord.

We appreciate your continued support and hope to see you soon. Album release date Spring of 2008, singles available from new album titles "Just Relax" and "Easy to Love" now at www.myspace.com/nahjai.

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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Five Questions with Author/Poet Anthony Chavon Hanes

Anthony Chavon Hanes is the author of An Abstract World Vol.2 "Emotions.

What inspired you to write your latest collection?
I consider myself an individual who feeds off of life experiences and I have so many thoughts in my head at all times. I consider myself a "day dreamer" therefore I have a lot to share with readers who enjoy diverse poetry and short stories from a diverse man.

Did you find it hard to open yourself up to the public by sharing your work?
No, and I feel that "true" writers never second guess the words that pour from their soul. I love sharing my work with others and the love I receive is priceless.

One complaint women have about men is that some men do not know how to communicate. I've read your poetry and have been a regular reader of your blogs.
Communication doesn't appear to be a problem with you. What would you suggest to those men who do find it hard to communicate their feelings to the special woman in their lives?
First of all I appreciate you reading my material on a consistent basis. That measn more than you know. To me this is a simple question Shelia and the word that comes to mind in regard to this is "Listening". Men at times don't listen to what the woman are saying and miss out on so many things as a result of that. I learned the hard way...lol..but with age comes growth and I know how to "hear" woman and people in general. This allows me to connect with individuals from various backgrounds.

When did you know you had "the gift?"
Well, teachers told me throughout grade school up to high school that I had an imagination that is was different than my peers. I never looked at it like a "gift" until my college years. I just thought that writing was fun and I wanted to share it. I still feel that way. My 10th grade teacher told me I was destined for greatness and it scared me at 15 years of age. I guess we will see Shelia.

Do you have plans to write fiction?
I'm working on that write now and of course the next installment of An Abstract World Series. The next book is going to be Vol. 3 "The Voice of Reason" coming Spring 2008. Of course An Abstract World Vol.2 "Emotions" is available now. God bless!

To learn more about Anthony "Tony" Hanes, visit one of his websites:
www.myspace.com/chavon30 or http://www.tonyhanespoerty.com

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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Sugarland Video Contest

CMT and Sugarland host the Everyday America Video Contest where fans can be the video star.
To learn more and enter, go to:

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Fabolous - "Make Me Better" (video) feat. Ne-Yo

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EVE VIDEO Premiere Thursday

BET Access Granted and Yahoo.com will both premiere EVE's VIDEO for "Tambourine" this Thursday, 5/24 at 8pm EST (5pm PST).

Here I Am


Geffen Records


"Tambourine" AUDIO



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Tiffany is Back


LOS ANGELES,CA – While i-Tunes set the standard by offering tracks for just $.99 each, the 10 Spot label has been launched with the digital download customer in mind. Believing in the mantra “10 Tracks, 10 Bucks, Every Time” 10 Spot stands firm with their new price point.

“10 Spot gives the consumer ten good reasons to buy physical product. Offering ten tracks for ten dollars while getting the benefit of the CD package, the look, the feel, liner notes, artwork and artist information, it’s like a free gift with purchase!” states Brad Pressman, President of The Water Music Records Group of labels.

10 Spot’s recently signed artist, Pop icon Tiffany, has been stirring things up again. The “I Think We’re Alone Now” Girl has been very busy in her new “role” in VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, which begins airing April 22. Marking the 20th anniversary of her chart-topping debut. This new album, Just Me, delivers a blend of pop and haunting ballads.

Tiffany began her career at the age of 13 when she signed her first recording contract with MCA. The self-titled debut album was released in 1987 and eventually went quadruple platinum. The innovative “Mall Tour” that followed proved to be the signature for Tiffany’s early career and was very effective in targeting her core audience of young teens making Tiffany the youngest female artist to debut at number one on the Billboard charts. Tiffany produced three top ten hits, two of which were national and international #1 pop singles Could’ve Been and the celebrated I Think We’re Alone Now. The soon-to-be teen pop phenomenon, New Kids on the Block, got their big break as the opening act for her world tour. Tiffany released her second album, Hold An Old Friend’s Hand, which went double platinum and featured the top ten hit All This Time. In addition to her ground breaking successful music career, Tiffany had the opportunity to be the voice of Judy Jetson in the feature version of the popular cartoon series, The Jetsons.

During the ‘90s, Tiffany released two more albums, New Inside and Dreams Never Die (released exclusively in Asia). To start off the new Millennium, she introduced what became known as her “comeback” album, The Color of Silence with stellar critical reviews including from Billboard: “The Color of Silence is one of the finest pop albums of 2000.” In 2005 she independently released the club sensation, Dust Off and Dance. Just Me will be released June 5th.

The Water Music Records Group consists of 10 Spot, Water Music Kids, Water Music Dance and the parent label Water Music Records. Water Music Records has been primarily a Los Angeles based Electronica music label. Launched in July 2000, Water Music Records releases, markets and distributes albums in various sub-styles of Electronica including Chill Out, Lounge and Down-Tempo and Dance music. Universal Music Group Distribution, in association with Varese Sarabande, will distribute 10 Spot (www.10spotmusic.com) as it currently distributes all other Water Music Records Group imprints.

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The Almost Scores a Hit with "Say This Sooner"


Band Confirmed for this Summer’s Vans Warped Tour
Make sure to vote for The Almost on AOL Music’s “Breakers” and Yahoo! Music’s “Who’s Next” Programs

The Almost’s video for “Say This Sooner,” lensed by Shane Drake (Panic At the Disco, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), is a smash hit – it was just added in “Big 10” rotation at MTV and is already in “Elite 8” rotation at MTV2, “Magna Cum Laude” rotation at mtvU, in major rotation on Music Choice and The IMF, and in the Top 10 on FUSE. “Say This Sooner” has ignited at radio also, already climbing to #15 on the alternative chart with 60+ stations adding the track thus far. Praised by Revolver magazine for its “monster power chords and dynamic fireworks,” “Say This Sooner” is the lead single from the band’s debut album, Southern Weather.

The band has been hailed across the boards as one to watch: The Almost was the subject of an “On the verge” feature in USA Today, is currently a featured band on MTV/MTV2/mtvU's premiere platform, “Discover & Download,” and has been selected for both AOL Music’s “Breakers” and Yahoo! Music’s “Who’s Next?” programs. Competitions are currently underway at both websites to determine which band will top the latest round of up-and-coming artists. Fans can vote now at:


Released April 3rd via Virgin/Tooth & Nail, Southern Weather has sold over 72,000 copies since its debut at #29 on the Billboard 200. Heretofore known as the drummer and co-founder of Underoath (whose latest album, Define The Great Line, debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 in June 2006), Aaron Gillespie steps out front now with The Almost.

“Gillespie wails on the sort of hard-charging anthems that will probably make Switchfoot seethe with jealousy,” noted Spin in a three-and-a-half star review. Alternative Press said: “Although Gillespie’s croon is still distinctive, the 11 driving tracks on Southern Weather--on which he played nearly every note--allow him to stretch and sing his heart out alongside gospel choruses (‘Amazing, Because It Is’) and melodic rock riffs (‘Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat’) with equal aplomb.”

Although Southern Weather was essentially a solo effort, the project has evolved into a full band with Jay Vilardi (guitar), Dusty Redmon (guitar), Alex Aponte (bass) and Kenny Bozich (drums) rounding out the lineup. After wrapping up a successful spring tour with Paramore, a string of shows with Say Anything and a stint at the Bamboozle festival, The Almost will perform on the majority of the Vans Warped Tour this summer (except 6/21, 7/21 and 7/22). Tour dates are as follows:


Sat 5/26 St. Petersburg, FL Vinoy Park
Fri 6/1 Sarasota, FL USF Campus Courtyard
Sat 6/2 Atlanta, GA Hi-Fi Buys Amp/ 99X FM Big Day Out

with Vans Warped Tour
Fri 6/29 Pomona, CA Pomona Fairgrounds
Sun 7/1 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre
Tue 7/3 Vancouver, BC Thunderbird Stadium
Wed 7/4 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest (not a Warped date)
Thu 7/5 Calgary, AB Race City Speedway
Sat 7/7 Salt Lake City, UT Utah State Fairgrounds
Sun 7/8 Denver, CO Invesco
Wed 7/11 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
Thu 7/12 Las Cruces, NM NMSU Practice Field
Fri 7/13 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Sat 7/14 Dallas, TX Smirnoff
Sun 7/15 Houston, TX Reliant Center
Wed 7/18 Atlanta, GA Hi Fi Amphitheatre
Thu 7/19 Jacksonville, FL Metropolitan Park
Fri 7/20 Tampa, FL Vinoy Park
Mon 7/23 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Tue 7/24 Virginia Beach, VA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Wed 7/25 Washington, DC Merriweather Post Pavilion
Thu 7/26 Scranton, PA Montage Mountain Amp
Fri 7/27 Detroit, MI Comerica Park + Street
Sat 7/28 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amp
Sun 7/29 Minneapolis, MN Metrodome
Tue 7/31 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheatre
Wed 8/1 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Centre
Thu 8/2 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheatre
Fri 8/3 Camden, NJ Tweeter Center
Sat 8/4 New York, NY Nassau Coliseum
Sun 8/5 Englishtown, NJ Raceway Park
Tue 8/7 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Wed 8/8 Pittsburgh, PA Post Gazette Pavilion
Thu 8/9 Boston, MA Tweeter Center Lot
Fri 8/10 Buffalo, NY Darien Lakes Field
Sat 8/11 Toronto, ON Park Place
Sun 8/12 Montreal, ON Park Jean Drapeau
Tue 8/14 St. Louis, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Wed 8/15 Kansas City, KS Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Fri 8/17 Boise, ID Idaho Center Amphitheatre
Sat 8/18 Seattle, WA Gorge
Sun 8/19 Portland, OR Columbia Meadows
Wed 8/22 Fresno, CA Selland Arena
Thu 8/23 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre Lot
Fri 8/24 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheatre Lot
Sat 8/25 Los Angeles, CA Home Depot Center
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The View "Face For The Radio" Live MP3

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Nelly Furtado Get Loose Tour

Get Loose U.S. Tour dates are:

May 30 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
May 31 – Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live.
June 1 – Atlanta, GA @ Fox Theatre.
June 3 – Portsmouth, VA @ Ntelos Pavilion.
June 4 – Sayerville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom.
June 5 – Boston, MA @ Agganis Arena.
June 7 – New York, NY @ Theatre at Madison Square Garden.
June 8 – Fairfax, VA @ Patriot Center.
June 9 – Cleveland, OH @ Time Warner Cable Amphitheater at Tower City.
June 11 – Detroit, MI @ Detroit Opera House.
June 12 – Rosemont, IL @ Rosemont Theatre.
June13 – St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy.
June 15 – Denver, CO @ The Fillmore Auditorium.
June 17 – Grand Prairie, TX @ Nokia Theatre.
June 19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre.
June 20 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre.
June 21 – Oakland, CA @ Paramount Theatre.
June 23 – Las Vegas, NV @ Red Rock Casino Resort

For tour details, check out http://www.nellyfurtado.com/
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Shrek the Third video music composer Winifred Phillips

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When composing music for video games based on movies, do you make a point of watching the movie first?
Typically, the movie is in production while I’m working on the music for the game, so it isn’t possible for me to see the movie first. However, the game developers give me lots of information about the movie, including the way it will look and the details of the story and characters. By the time I sit down to compose, I’ve been supplied with tons of reference materials, artwork and documentation. I’ve worked on three movie-based games so far – “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “The Da Vinci Code”, and most recently “Shrek the Third” – and it has been great fun getting an inside peek at the movie-making process while creating music for the games. Since Shrek the Third was a sequel in a series of movies, I had the advantage of being able to watch the previous two films for inspiration while creating the music. The world of Shrek has a unique and defining flavor that remains a constant from one film to the next. Everyone involved in the creation of the game worked hard to create a game world that was faithful to the magical atmosphere of the Shrek universe.

Did you work with the actors of Shrek 3 to help come up with the music for the video game?
One of the fantastic aspects of the Shrek movies are the wonderful actors who portray the central characters of Fiona, Puss in Boots, Donkey and Shrek himself. These actors have created characters so thoroughly unique and enjoyable that they have transcended the films and become comedic icons. While I wasn’t able to work directly with the actors, I found their performances tremendously inspiring. The nuances and subtle shadings of emotion in their voices helped me when I was creating the music. I could listen to their voices and tap into the underlying sentiments, then weave those feelings into the music. Plus, John Cleese supplied the narration for the game, so I got to write music that played underneath his inimitable voice. His performance in the game is hilarious! Working on the music for Shrek was a fantastic experience.

Explain to the readers how you take one scene and come up with the music.
A scene in a game starts with the design document. This is where the game designers lay out their plans for how the scene will play out, what the objectives of the player will be, and what obstacles will stand in the way. I’m usually able to read over the design document for the scene to get a sense of how everything will work in the final game. Then, I’m supplied either with a video file showing gameplay for that scene, or an early version of that portion of the game so that I can play it myself. For the “Shrek the Third” game I worked with award-winning music producer Winnie Waldron, and together we studied the supplied materials very closely before we started working on the music. Every scene in a game has its own energy level, which depends on what is going on at the time. I try hard to write music that will enhance the momentum of gameplay and make the game more involving for the player.

Is the music done before the video or is it all done at the same time?
The development of a video game is a constantly evolving process. While I’m writing music for one part of a game, the developers are tweaking and refining that portion of the game to make it even better than it was before. With a movie tie-in game, the process becomes even more collaborative, as the movie production studio gets involved and adds their considerable talents to the process. For the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” game, Warner Brothers was very interested in making sure that the game echoed the spirit of the film starring Johnny Depp, and the film’s director Tim Burton was very hands on. He even personally approved all my music for the game, which was a real thrill for me. Sony Pictures was heavily involved in the development of “The Da Vinci Code” game, which was released at the same time as their movie starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard. For “Shrek the Third”, Dreamworks took a very active role in the game’s development. The stakes are quite high for movie-based games, and the games themselves are in a constant state of revision as everyone involved works to make them as much fun for the players as possible. So that means that while I’ll have video and sometimes early playable versions of a particular scene in a game while I’m working, the final versions of that scene will often be quite different! I thoroughly enjoy seeing what the developers create, and I always hope that the music I write for a scene inspires them as they continue to mold and adjust that scene, refining it meticulously until it is the best it can be.

Besides Shrek 3, what are some of your upcoming projects?
I wish I could say! I have several projects coming up. Some of them are extremely exciting! But I’m not allowed to say anything about them yet.

How long does it take you to come up with the sounds and music for video games?
That depends on how much music will be in the final game, and it also depends on what the production schedule of the game is like. I have composed music for projects that were on really tight schedules, which meant that I worked very long hours every day of the week, straight through weekends and holidays in order to meet the deadlines. As demanding as those schedules can be, I must admit, the intensity can be exciting too!

Do you find it difficult being one of the few women in the video game industry?
Not really, because I work with a woman on a day-to-day basis. Winnie Waldron and I support each other, and that helps us feel less isolated in a predominantly male industry. Also, I’m a member of the Women in Game Development special interest group of the Independent Game Developers Association, which is a great community for women in the industry. There are comparatively few women working in game development, but our numbers are growing. The industry has become more aware in recent years of the untapped market represented by women gamers. With new game systems like the Nintendo Wii aggressively marketing to women, the value of women working as developers in this industry has increased substantially. Game development companies and game publishers want to hire people who understand female gamers. Like myself, most women in the industry are also gamers, so our perspective has become a unique and valuable resource.

Have you faced any challenges since deciding on this career path?
Every new project is a challenge. Being a game composer is similar in ways to being an athlete. You have to keep training yourself to stay fit. Half of the equation is comprised of your own innate talent and the skills you acquire, and the other half is stamina – maintaining top-notch quality while producing large amounts of triple-A music under tight deadlines. As my music producer, Winnie ensures that the music I create remains at the highest possible level of quality while also making sure that we stay on schedule. There is also the matter of advancing technology. As a game composer, I maintain a state-of-the-art music production studio, and it is my constant responsibility to stay informed regarding new tools and technologies in the music field. It is all very challenging, but I enjoy being challenged by my work.

What kind of background should a person have in order to get their foot in the door?
A musical education is key, either in the university setting or through private instruction. Almost equally important is a solid understanding of computers and music hardware. A background in writing can be very helpful in communicating with developers and publishers effectively, which is important during the game development process. Also, verbal communication skills are essential for those crucial meetings with developers and publishing reps. Above all else, an aspiring game composer needs to have experience in the creation of music. Game composition is highly demanding. Ideally, an aspiring game composer should have experience creating music in another field first before crossing over into games. Before we were hired for our first game, my music producer Winnie Waldron and I worked on a series called “Radio Tales” for National Public Radio. The series adapted classic stories like “The Phantom of the Opera” and “The War of the Worlds” for the radio. As composer for the series, I created wall-to-wall music for over one hundred programs. So when the series ceased original production and transitioned to XM Satellite Radio’s channel 163, Winnie and I had plenty of experience behind us. Once we got our first job writing music for the smash-hit game “God of War”, we were ready for the challenge. If I were to give any advice, it would be to look for opportunities to exercise your craft. There is no better way to learn than by doing.

When you're not composing music, how do you spend your time?
I love long walks on a sunny day. Fresh air, rustling leaves, chirping birds… for me, those walks are one of life’s true pleasures. Also, twice a year I go to industry conferences, and it’s great to see colleagues and trade stories. Working in the video game industry is a unique way of life. It can be very demanding, but very rewarding too. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic community of creative people. There’s no other job like it!

Be sure to stop by Winifred Phillips website by clicking on the link: http://www.winifredphillips.com.

Shrek the Third video game is in stores now. Shrek the Third the movie hit theaters on May 18th.

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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MIXTAPE, INC. DVD feat. Kanye West, David Banner, G-Unit and more in stores

MIXTAPE, INC.DVD available May 22nd (TODAY!)
Order Here
CodeBlack Entertainment/Cando Entertainment/Pixel Propaganda



Exclusive interviews with Hip-Hop superstars Kanye West, G-Unit (Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo), Chuck D., Lil’ Jon, Fabolous, David Banner, Xzibit, Kool DJ Red Alert, Ed Lover & Doctor Dre, DJ Clue, DJ Kay Slay, Danger Mouse, DJ Enuff and DJ Vlad.


An in-depth, unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into the gritty world of illegal Hop-Hop Mix tapes. There’s a battle brewing with the Mixtape DJs, Performers, Retailers and Buyers on one side and the multi-billion dollar record labels and copyright infringement authorities (RIAA) on the other. It’s a love/hate relationship and some have paid the price—jail, fines and more. Yet, mixtapes have become an important, even integral, part of the Hip-Hop culture, revolutionized the Hip-Hop music industry and changed the way we hear and buy Hip-Hop music. The financial stakes are extremely high. These entrepreneurial compilations are now the root of a new power struggle between the urban streets and the traditional corporate music industry. This documentary will take you inside the riveting, unflinching dramas of this volcanic battle.

Running Time: 113 minutes
Rating: NR
Genre: Documentary
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Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer "The Authorized Mixtape" Released TODAY


The coutdown has ended! Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer "The Authorized Mixtape" released on CTE, and features the underground banger "White Girl" and the new single "Corporate Thuggin'" is released today, May 22nd.

Cold Summer is a certified street banger from top to bottom, featuring production work from CTE's stable of up-and-coming producers like Sanchez, Nazty, Midnight Black and Drumma Boy. "I wanted to do it mixtape-style 'cause I wanted it to be something for the streets," explains Jeezy. " It's a street album, just raw." USDA - Jeezy, ATL spitter Slick Pulla and Panama City's Blood Raw - are featured on the cover of the June issue of street bible XXL Magazine.

It's an exciting time for Young Jeezy: he has just launched his Rocawear-distributed clothing line, Eighty Seven Thirty Two (8732). His sophomore album The Inspiration has pushed past platinum status and is out-selling nearly every rap album on the charts. The smash second single "Go Getta" (featuring R. Kelly) hit #1 on BET's 106 & Park, Big 10 on MTV, and broke the Top 5 at urban radio. The Inspiration's third single, "Dreamin'" featuring Keyshia Cole, has impacted at radio and the Chris Robinson-directed video has been added at BET and MTV.

Jeezy has a mission for the new single: to make dreams come true. "Dreamin" is a heartfelt testament of his troubled past and talks about Jeezy's ambition to survive the perils of living in a tough neighborhood. As the self-anointed "Soul Survivor," Jeezy realizes that many others have faced similar turmoil. Reflecting on his past, he will utilize the success from this album to help others overcome their hardships.

Young Jeezy will launch the "Make Your Dream Come True" contest to coincide with the release of the single and video. This will be an open invitation to fans to share their dreams with Jeezy and ultimately have him fulfill their wishes. Fans will direct all of their stories to his official website, www.youngjeezy.com and Young Jeezy will personally review each dream. One lucky fan will have the chance to have Jeezy make their dream come true.

The "Make Your Dreams Come True" contest is a genuine effort by Young Jeezy to personally touch the fans and let them know that he identifies with their struggles. It is also a motivational tribute to those who have inspired him during his childhood and a way of passing the torch to uplift the next generation of future leaders. Both the single and contest give a sense of triumph to Young Jeezy. He says, "Sometimes I look at my life and I'm amazed at how far I've come. If it wasn't for certain people supporting me, I don't think I'd be able to accomplish what I have...that's why I'm doing this for my fans. They're the ones who helped to make Young Jeezy number one and it's important that I give back to them. I wanted to do more than just say 'thank you,' I wanted to show them how thankful I am that they're helping me realize my dreams. For me, this whole contest, and even my career will make me feel like I've accomplished a lot if I can help someone else realize their dreams too."

Deadline for submissions is June 21. The winner will be announced on July 23.
For more information, visit www.youngjeezy.com or www.myspace.com/youngjeezy.
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TSOB Records Signs With Universal, Releases "The Sampler Album"

The Sound Of Brooklyn (TSOB) Records is a state-of-the-art recording studio and independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York. More than just simply another upstart independent record label, TSOB is the home to 5 artists and groups that represent 5 different genres of music.

Setting it off is 2x Grammy Ballot Nominee "Etcetera", the enigmatic and soulful 17 year old Phenom "Cocoa Sarai", Mott Haven, Bronx's own "Jhett-O-Nasis" and QB's Pop Diva "Sha".

Together these artists possess a very unique sense of style when it comes to music. TSOB Records prides itself in keeping with the tradition in creating quality music with broad appeal. "Our music is universal", says Joel, CEO of TSOB Records.

TSOB Records pays homage to some of Brooklyn's Finest - Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Fabolous and the list goes on. TSOB Records distinguishes itself from other start-up labels by working hard at producing quality music for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Equipped with just a small staff and an artist roster of only 5 their music covers five genres of music. They have created a sound that is both hip and refreshing. The roster includes Shiz of "Etcetera" who has placed on the Grammy Nominee Ballot twice, in 2005 and 2007. R&B artists Cocoa Sarai and Sha' bring back-to-basics soul and melodic flavor, while Bx's own Jhett-O-Nasis bring street savvy rhymes and block huggin' swagger.

Collectively TSOB Records works as a team and are dedicated to their craft. On a normal day TSOB studios, nestled in an east section of Brooklyn, bangs out nothing but hits. "Our studio is just as up to date as the great city studios," say Joel, the CEO of TSOB Records. "When it is time to create masterpieces all of it done here."


This is the first single from the album and was #1 most added at Radio and has continued to rise up the charts.
Etcetera first hit the scene in 2000 and continued with a string of underground hits, labeling them one of the best underground chart toppers in their class, as well as establishing them as premier writers and producers. Etcetera has always been a group of diversity. This was demonstrated with their 2004 hip-hop rock release "Oh No" which landed them a 3 category ballot nomination at The 47th Annual Grammy Awards. With their follow-up record "Welcome 2 Brooklyn" Etcetera has once again hurdled further into the hip-hop chronicles with their 2nd ballot nomination in 3 highly competitive categories at The 49th Annual Grammy Awards, as well as theme music on a popular video game show. With these honors and a deal through Universal now in their favor ETCETERA has advanced themselves to the next step...mainstream.

www.tsobrecords.com www.myspace.com/etc
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Mudville "Iris Nova"

About "Iris Nova"
This modern masterwork from songwriter/vocalist Marilyn Carino and producer/instrumentalist Benny Cha Cha furthers the retro-futuristic excursions of 2005’s acclaimed The Glory of Man is Not in Vogue (hailed by Nylon as “enchanting…a testament to the healing powers of rhythm” and called “poetic” and “other-worldly” by the New York Post). With eleven original tunes plus a cover of The Police’s “Spirits in the Material World,” Mudville seamlessly blends old-school soul and hip-hop grooves with a jazz sensibility, electronica flourishes, and live orchestral arrangements. The songs on Iris Nova paint captivating portraits of spiritual ambivalence, anguish and liberation, all on a palette of juicy grooves.

Outside of Mudville, Carino has co-written with and loaned her strange, fearless voice (compared to Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone and Annie Lennox) to projects produced by Billy Talbot of Neil Young and Crazy Horse and Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.

Benny Cha Cha, whose profile is on the rise, has lent his skills as a producer, bassist, and composer to artists such as Wu-Tang Clan’s Killah Priest, Brazilian Girls, Karsh Kale, Marshall Crenshaw and the Dred Scott Trio.
Mudville’s music has been heard on more than 150 U.S. and Canadian radio stations including KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, NPR programs Morning Edition and Studio 360, in the feature film Slutty Summer, and on the Gemini Award-winning Canadian TV show ReGenesis.

Iris Nova will be available from iTunes worldwide, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster and other major e-tailers. Limited-edition signed and numbered CDs (some which include original watercolors by Marilyn) will be available only at live performances or directly from the band.

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White Stripes Video: The Making of Icky Thump

Check out this video from Nylon TV of Jack and Meg talking about the making of their new record, Icky Thump.

Watch Video Here
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NEW MIKE JONES VIDEO!!!!! "MY 64" featuring Snoop Dogg, Bun B Lil Easy & surprise guest

Mike Jones new album, "THE AMERICAN DREAM" in stores 7/10!

Watch the INTERNET ONLY version of "My 64" featuring Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Lil Easy & special guest Money $tack$ (http://www.myspace.com/moneystacks) played by comedian Alex Thomas

"My 64" YouTube:

Mike Jones - "My 64" feat. Bun B & Snoop Dogg Audio Streams



Real Audio
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Paul McCartney’s Memory Almost Full

Hear Music is proud to announce the release of Paul McCartney’s 21st solo album, Memory Almost Full on June 5th!!

“Ever Present Past” Audio Streams

Paul McCartney Official Site:

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Chrisette Michele Tour Dates with Musiq Soulchild

Chrisette is joining Musiq Soulchild on his tour this summer.

Date City Venue

July 6 Baltimore, MD Afram
11 Chicago, IL House of Blues
12 Toronto, Ont. Phoenix Theatre
13 Detroit, MI Chene Park
15 Nashville, TN Ryman Theatre
19 Newark, NJ NJ PAC
20 Philadelphia, PA Penn's Landing
21 Atlantic City, NJ Tropicana
24-25 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
27 Omaha, NE Holland PAC
29 Kansas City, MO Beaumont

Aug 3 San Diego, CA Humphrey’s
4 Los Angeles, CA The Wilshire
6 San Francisco, CA Fillmore

After collaborating with both Jay-Z and Nas on the hit singles
"Lost One" and "Can't Forget About You," Def Jam Recording
Artist Chrisette Michele has set the release date of her debut
album, I AM, for June 19th.

For more information, log onto
http://www.myspace.com/chrisettemichele or visit
Chrisette's web site at www.DefJam.com
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Bon Jovi’s New Album, Lost Highway In-Stores June 19th

“(You Want To) Make A Memory,” the first single from Bon Jovi’s new album LOST HIGHWAY- in-stores June 19th will debut the new music video on AOL Music. Bon Jovi is flush with the success of their record breaking world tour and multi-platinum album Have A Nice Day. The new album produced by Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts) and John Shanks (who co-produced Have A Nice Day, whose credits include Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Chris Isaak and others) LOST HIGHWAY will arrive in stores June 19th on Island Records/Mercury Nashville.

LOST HIGHWAY, an album Jon describes as “a Bon Jovi record influenced by Nashville.”

“I’ve been going to Nashville since 1991,” Bon Jovi explains. “Nashville is all about songs and songwriters. If you’re someone like me who loves songs and hanging out with songwriters, Nashville is the place. I thrive on that feeling and I’m inspired by that creative ambience.” The result, a haunting set of 12 new and original sounding songs, is a stunning, multi-layered look into the nature of love and life in all its glory. Love, like life, is lost, found, forgotten and reclaimed in this collection.



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Jane Monheit’s Surrender

Listen to Songs:

Caminos Cruzados
“So Tinha De Ser Com Voce”

Jane Monheit Concord Official Site:
Jane Monheit Official Site:
Jane Monheit on MySpace:

Jane Monheit Surrender Tour Dates

06/02 The Cleveland Playhouse Cleveland, Ohio
06/05 -06/10 Catalina Bar and Grill Los Angeles, CA
06/13 -06/14 Soho Restaurant & Music Club Santa Barbara, CA
06/15 Anthology Restaurant Live San Diego, CA
06/16 Anthropology Restaurant Live San Diego, CA
06/17 The Coach House San Juan Capistrano, CA
06/22-06/23 Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club Miami Beach, FL
07/09 Kuumba Jazz Center Santa Cruz, CA
07/12-07/15 Yoshi's Oakland, CA
07/17-07/22 Jazz Alley Seattle, WA
08/10 The Birchmere Alexandria, VA
08/11 Mt. Gretna Playhouse Mount Gretna, PA
08/12 Planting Fields Arboretum Oyster Bay, NY
08/18 Mable House Amphitheatre Mableton, GA
09/01 On The Waterfront Festival Rockford, IL
09/22 Travis Park San Antonio, TX
09/23 One World Theatre Austin, TX
10/09-10/11 Blue Note New York, New York

Surrender Track listing:
1. If You Went Away
2. Surrender
3. Rio De Maio (with Ivan Lins)
4. Like A Lover
5. Só Tinha De Ser Com Você
6. So Many Stars (with Sergio Mendes)
7. Moon River
8. Overjoyed
9. Caminhos Cruzados (with Toots Thielemans)
10. A Time For Love

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Human Giant wants you to watch the best show that you’re not watching. MTV is giving Human Giant 24 hours to earn a second season – and they need to get a million hits on their site to do it. The trick is, the execs are turning over MTV and MTV2 to the cast – so they get to do whatever they want, on-air, for an entire day. It’s going to be the most kickass telethon ever …. without all the sick kids.

Human Giant needs a million hits on HumanGiant.mtv.com between 12noon ET/ 9am PT on Friday, May 18th and 12noonET /9am PT on Saturday, May 19th – ending with the Human Giant season finale at 11:30am ET/8:30am PT. To show their support, fans can text, email, send photos, watch videos and pretty much do anything Human Giant demands on HumanGiant.mtv.com. So get off your asses and make your voices heard!

Human Giant puts it like this - "MTV challenged us and said play the shows you want, book the bands you love and don't stop for 24 hours...We said Yes. So expect the unexpected (though now it’s no longer unexpected). And would it be a telethon without celebrity friends dropping by? Throughout the 24 hours, guests will show up to keep us company and, in a few instances, sing a few songs like Mastodon, Ted Leo, Tapes 'n Tapes, Albert Hammond, Jr., Rakim with DJ Kid Kapri, Tegan & Sara, The National and Morningwood. Other folks stopping by are Will Arnett and Michael Cera of Arrested Development, Eugene Mirman, Zach Galifianakis, the Daily Show's Rob Riggle, Andy Blitz, Jon Glaser, Slovin and Allen, and Jon Benjamin."

As with all electioneering, there’s way for the enterprising few to cheat the system - texting support counts! But fans can also show up in Times Square to deliver a pizza counting for 80 hits, or carving Paul Scheer’s face into Mount Rushmore for the entire million hits (though Rob Huebel’s face is only worth 750K). MTV cannot be held liable for any defamation to national landmarks.

So join the fight to keep Human Giant on the air! Or you’ll have only yourself to blame for the consequences.
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Federation "College Girl"



Windows Media

Burbank, CA - Bay Area rappers, Federation, will release their new album - It's Whateva - on June 26 on Reprise Records. Veteran producer Rick Rock (Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, E-40) pushed the trio - Doonie Baby, Goldie, and Stresmatic - to further diversify the bass-heavy, rapid-fire hyphy sound, and deliver more than what fans may expect to hear from these pioneers.

It's Whateva has already received early critical acclaim: "Considered originators of the rap microgenre, hyphy, the Feds are back with the biggest dread-shaking album of the year. The bangin beats on '18 Dummy' and 'My Rims' will blow back your wig," raves Stuff Magazine, while Vibe says, "A label switch and admirable persistence have honed the group's energy - on this strong follow-up, Rock and Federation again advance the movement."

The forthcoming album will feature new songs, including the single, "College Girl," "Shooter" and "She Go." The album has Hyphy elements, but goes beyond that with both the usual suspects and some surprising collaborations - e.g. Travis Barker (Blink-182), Snoop Dogg, E-40, and more.

Federation formed in 2002 in Fairfield, CA, near Oakland, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Federation's 2003 debut The Album, with its homegrown hits "Hyphy" and "Go Dumb," encapsulated the burgeoning hyphy scene with witty wordplay, catchy chants, and bombastic bass lines. The group are proud of their early success, "From four people sharing one hamburger, we've been through it all with each other," says Doonie. Adds Goldie: "We're beyond brothers."


1. Playtime Is Over
2. 18 Dummy (skit)
3. 18 Dummy
4. Get Naked You Beezy
5. College Girl (skit)
6. College Girl
7. Got Me Fucked Up
8. My Rims
9. Scraper 2 A Benz (feat. E-40)
10. Baby Mama
11. We On Your Line (feat. Cashis)
12. Move It Move It
13. She Go (feat. Marty James)
14. I Met Yew
15. Black Roses
16. Ridin The Kite (skit)
17. Fly Away (feat. Walter Hawkins Choir)
18. Whitee (main)
19. When I Was Your Man (skit)
20. When I Was Your Man
21. Bang Bang
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The Grand Illusion by Styx Bassist Chuck Panozzo Is In Stores

A founding member of Styx and its iconic bass player, Chuck Panozzo remembers what it was like on the road to success, riding between local gigs in the back of a station wagon, and at the peak of his fame, playing before thousands of screaming female fans and torrents of panties, bras, and propositions. He also recalls the loneliness and gnawing fear of being found out and exposed as a gay man. He tells the story of his struggle to come to terms with himself while navigating a rock ‘n’ roll odyssey in THE GRAND ILLUSION: Love, Lies, and My Life with Styx.

“Styx's fans will enjoy Panozzo's detailed look at the band's internal conflicts as they rise from small Chicago bars to sold-out arenas. But the heart of Panozzo's autobiography is a sensitive and insightful look at ‘one gay man's struggle to come to terms with himself’ while performing in a rock world where ‘the things that would make the other guys laugh—a female fan lifting up her skirt, a pair of panties thrown on stage—just didn't do it’ for him.”
—Publishers Weekly

Order your copy
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EXCLUSIVE video footage from GUITAR CENTER'S annual "GC SESSIONS"

WATCH AND LEARN from the legendary ROB SWIFT, as he put's on a full DJ routine for music enthusiasts in NEW YORK CITY.

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New Music from The Starting Line

New Album, Direction, in stores July 31st
Listen to the first single, “Island” today

Suburban Pennsylvania quartet The Starting Line was formed some eight years ago by bassist and lead singer Kenny Vasoli. Guitarists Matt Watts and Mike Golla, and drummer Tom Gryskewicz, his friends and original band mates, have been along for the ride ever since. The band sold nearly 300,000 copies of their 2002 debut, Say It Like You Mean It, and scored a surprise hit with “The Best Of Me,” a pop-punk anthem that was embraced by MTV. The Starting Line released their sophomore album, Based on a true Story, in 2005 and were asked to headline the Van’s Warped tour that year. In early January 2006, the band signed with Virgin, where they just finished recording their newest full-length album, Direction. “This new record is definitely something we are all very proud of,” says Vasoli. “Just the thought of what could happen with this is making us really excited. We really hope that it can reach all sorts of new people.”

After splitting from Geffen in 2005, The Starting Lined signed with Virgin, who collaborated with the band on their latest album, Direction. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with Howard Benson, a Grammy nominated producer who’s worked with everyone from My Chemical Romance to the All-American Rejects. With infectious songs like “What You Want,” and instantly memorable tracks like “Island,” Direction unquestionably sounds like the type of record that could introduce The Starting Line to a whole new audience.

Direction will be in stores July 31st. “Island,” The Starting Line’s latest single, can be heard today!

"Island" - Audio Streams:

Windows Media
Real Audio
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Candy Hill New Single Juicy

The Song:"Juicy" is the first single from Candy Hill's upcoming debut album, which will be released on Latium/Universal Republic Records label later this year. Slick, playful, and infectious, this melodic girl anthem has all the makings of a summer smash-hit. All production, vocals, and engineering are handled by the trio, who prove that they can craft catchy R&B and pop as well as any professional artists while retaining an a high level of undeniable sexiness and originality.

Listen to Juicy:
Media Player
Real Player

More about Candy Hill:

Candy Hill is a Los Angeles based Hip Hop/R&B trio consisting of lead vocalist Casha D, rapper Loui-V, and OC the Latin Rap Sensation. Casha, Loui, and OC have been dreaming of making it big in the music industry since their younger days. Their upcoming album features songs that celebrate all the ups and downs young women face today, whether that be in the realm of relationships, becoming an adult, everyday life obstacles, balancing working and partying, and following your dreams. No matter what the subject matter is, Candy Hill holds their ground as confident and empowering females.

Candy Hill is not only a capable of making memorable songs but they have mastered the behind-the-scenes aspects of making a hit record that are usually left in the hands of professionals. They learned the art of engineering and recording to the point where they produced many of their sessions on their own. Their dedication and passion has brought them notable recognition in the male dominated industry in an extremely short period of time, which makes them a definite force to reckoned with.

Candy Hill's MySpace:
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The Hip Hop Project

Whether or not you are a hip-hop head, this movie will touch you, and inspire anyone who has goals and dreams to strive even harder. For those who do not even dare to dream a better future for themselves, this movie will give them the strength and vision to do just that. It's incredible to see how Kazi's positivity, strength of character and leadership deeply affects and changes the lives of those around him. This movie's message is bigger than hip-hop and is truly important. Its spirit of hope and practical activism is infectious.

View the Trailer

From Executive Producers Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah, The Hip Hop Project is the compelling story of Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager who inspires a group of New York City teens to transform their life stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as vehicle for self-development and personal discovery. In contrast to all the negative attention focused on hip hop, this is a story of hope, healing and the realization of dreams.

The Hip Hop Project is the dynamic story of a group of New York City teenagers who transform their life stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as a vehicle for self-development and personal discovery. The film traces the evolution of this award-winning outreach program created by Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager turned youth mentor. With the goal of developing a principled group of young artists, Kazi creates a safe environment in which he challenges young people to express themselves freely and write music about the real issues affecting their lives.

The film looks intimately at the lives of Kazi and two of his students, Princess and Cannon, as they strive to overcome daunting life obstacles to produce a collaborative album. In a miraculous turn, Russell Simmons, hip hop mogul and long-time supporter of the project, partners with Bruce Willis to donate a recording studio to the Hip Hop Project. After four years of collaboration, the group produces a powerful and thought-provoking album imbued with moving personal narratives and sharp social commentary. In contrast to the often negative characterizations of hip hop and rap music, this is a story of hope, healing, and the realization of dreams.

For more information about the film please visit:
http://www.hiphopproject.com/ www.myspace.com/hiphopprojectmovie

the music from the film is available at iTunes
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Huey New Single When I Hustle

When I Hustle featuring Lloyd

Windows Media
Real Player

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New Chris Brown Single

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Listen to Chris Brown's new single "Wall To Wall:"


Windows Media
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Five Questions with Author Linda Dominique Grosvenor

Monday, May 14, 2007

"Linda Dominique Grosvenor is back with a powerfully touching story...Spanish Lullaby will have readers going through a range of emotions...I found myself empathizing with Marsia Peterson and cheering her on as she faced some difficult obstacles." - Shelia Goss, Essence Magazine Bestselling Author Of My Invisible Husband and Roses Are Thorns, Violets Are True

Who is Linda Dominique Grosvenor?
I would like to say that Linda Dominique Grosvenor is a well-balanced, fashionable ball of perfection, however, I too, like everyone else have my ups and downs. Some days I'm bubbly and other days I find myself rather pensive, but I get the writing job done. God keeps me motivated to do that because its what He's called me to do. Others who know me well would probably say that I'm the bestselling author of such modern classics as Like Boogie On Tuesday, Fever, and The Hamptons--books, however, is only part of who I am and what I do. I'm affectionately known as the Princess Of Guerrilla Marketing because I assist other authors with the how to's of promoting their books effectively and I'm also the founder of Far Above Rubies, a non-profit organization that helps young women increase their self-esteem. I'm truly proud of the non-profit organization and the activities we have lined up for 2007. I think in the wake of what the media has done to mar what people believe beauty is, increasing self-esteem is much needed for the empowerment of today's women.

What was the motivation behind writing Spanish Lullaby?
For me I'd really have to say that the motivation behind writing my seventh novel was to quiet the voices. Storylines come to me all the time--mostly while I'm in the middle of trying to get a current project completed, so I wrote this novel to get the story told and have it assist those who may be in a similar situation. I'm always led to write stories that make people think and I find it very empowering to tackle topics that my readers can relate to. In this particular case my story deals with the death of a spouse. I think everyone has dealt with losing someone they care about and its an interesting road as to how my character processes the feelings she has as well as watching her discover what to do with the memories that her old life has left behind.

What message do you want to convey to readers?
The most pertinent message I'm conveying to readers with Spanish Lullaby is that life can get rough, but you can make it if you hold on and have faith. Life also does offer you second chances and when it does--take it.

Dealing with death can be hard, how does your character deal with it?
My character was so wrapped up in her own personal loss that she found it hard to separate herself from the feelings of losing a spouse and a child and move on. Of course, we all love people and it's easy to say, "don't get so wrapped up in the pain of the loss that you cease to live or learn the lessons from the things that happen in your life," but she had a best friend in the story who wouldn't let her just pine away and shrivel up. Her friend helped pull her through and allowed her to see that her husband wouldn't have wanted her to not live just because he was gone and her friend also allowed her to see how much she had to be thankful for. We are alive for a reason and a divine purpose. I think the people around us definitely do help encourage us. That was the way my character dealt with her process of mourning and processing her grief.

Have your life experiences influenced your writing?
My life doesn't influence my writing as much as my writing becomes prophetic. It seems like the minute I write something or a storyline comes to me and I get it down on paper, a thread of storyline finds its way into my life. So far it hasn't been anything detrimental. I guess sometimes my imagination goes way beyond just that.

To learn more about this prolific writer, go to www.lindadominiquegrosvenor.com or http://myspace.com/lindadominiquegrosvenor.

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
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New Single "Hey Hey Hey" by Natasha

Sunday, May 13, 2007

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Musab - Baaang

"Baaang" is an up-tempo banger off of Musab's upcoming Slick's Box to be released by Oakland based Hiero Imperium Records. On "Baaang," tired themes of slangin', bangin', mackin' and flossin' re-acquire their original edge when Musab, a real life pimp relays these modes of conduct as business necessities rather than co-opted stereotypes.

About Musab:

Musab (formerly known as Beyond) has had a remarkable rap career integral to the surprising rise of Minneapolis Hip-Hop. His album entitled Comparison was the first release of indie hip-hop label giant, Rhymesayers Entertainment. He contributed to Atmosphere's classic first release, Overcast (1998), then teamed up with Atmosphere, I Self Divine of Micronauts, Gene Poole of Full Circle, and producer Ant to form the super-group The Dynospectrum. His solo album, Respect the Life (2002) introduced the world to Minnesota Slicks, the Southside mack. Musab recently changed label homes from Rhymesayers to rap pioneers Hieroglyphics, who will release the autobiographic album Slick's Box. Born in Minneapolis, MN, to a fifteen-year-old mother deep in the game and raised by an assortment of women who were all affiliated with pimps, Musab is literally a pimp-by-blood. "Pimping ain't all wearing Louis Vuitton, explains Musab, "It's also about paying your girl's dentist bills and college tuition. It's a dirty game and a strenuous lifestyle. It's nothing to glorify.' Musab's frustration with hip-hop co-opting and misrepresenting his professional lifestyle inspired the more personal approach taken on Slick's Box and gives tracks such as the club-banger "Baaang" a refreshing twist of reality.

Slick's Box hits the streets 08.07.07 on Hiero Imperium Records
Download the "Baaang" MP3
Windows Media Stream

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A Tribute To Joni Mitchell

Executive producer and Nonesuch Records President Bob Hurwitz, a longtime admirer of Joni Mitchell, came across the project upon Nonesuch’s move to Warner Brothers in 2004. It was started in the late ‘90s, but never completed. He says:

“I loved much of what I heard from the first group of recordings; the best of the tracks, at least to me, sounded like these artists were singing for an audience of one: Joni Mitchell. They knew she would hear their recording of her song, which has to be one of the most daunting tasks any musician can face.

“In moving forward, I thought that there should be a purpose to every track: each should be a reinvention or an homage, or be performed by an artist who was a part of Joni's life or whom I knew she admired, or whose life was changed by Joni. Listening to them all, one can only be struck by the incredible craft she brought to these songs, all written as intensely personal statements, yet having the expressive resilience that allows other great artists to find part of their own musical life in her creations.”

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell Trailer

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell: “The Boho Dance” – Bjork audio

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell: “A Free Man in Paris” – Sufjan Stevens audio

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’s official site:
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Ne-Yo Tour Dates

Def Jam
Official Site
AUDIO "Because of You"




Tour Dates:

May 31 Norfolk, VA The Norva
June 1 Washington, DC Love Nightclub
2 Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center
5 Atlanta, GA Center Stage
7 Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre at
Grand Prairie
8 Kansas City, MO Voodoo Lounge
9 Sacramento, CA Raley Field
11 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theatre
12 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
13 San Diego, CA House of Blues
14 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
15 San Francisco, CA Fillmore
17 Seattle, WA Show Box
21 St. Louis, MO Six Flags
22 Detroit, MI Chene Park
24 Bridgeview, IL Toyota Park
28 Agawam, MA Six Flags
29 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
30 New York, NY Copacabana
July 2 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest
5 San Antonio, TX Six Flags

To read my first interview with Ne-Yo back during his first album release, CLICK HERE.

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Shop Boyz Party Like a Rock Star

Party Like A Rockstar VIDEO

Shop Boyz
Rockstar Mentality
Universal Republc

It all happened so quickly. Or so it seems. One day Sheed, Meany and Fat were grease monkeys at a makeshift garage in their Bowen Homes neighborhood, the next they were swiftly-rising hip-hop stars, progenitors of a growing musical movement they call ‘‘hood rock.’

But like most overnight successes, Shop Boyz’s rise to fame took many years. Cousins Demetrius “Meany” Hardin and Richard “Fat” Stephens grew up with best friend Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower in the notorious Bankhead area of Atlanta, the stomping ground of some of the city’s most successful hip-hop artists (T.I. and D4L, among them). They worked on cars, hustled, did whatever they could to make ends meet and when their work was done for the day, they turned to their true passion: making music. Their unique, groundbreaking style didn’t go unnoticed. It wasn’t long before a local producer named Richard “Fire” Harris stepped up and offered to make beats for the group -- free of charge. Fresh on his heels was an ear-to-the-street businessman named Brian “Bingo” Ward who took the guys under his wing, put them in his studio and recorded a bevy of songs on them, among them the group’s hit single “Party Like A Rockstar,” a clever, hook-driven joint that is as much about living life with fervor as it is getting your party on.

Within four months of its release, “Party Like A Rockstar” set off a frenzy of activity at radio and clubs throughout the southeast and spread like wildfire across the country. The electrifying song with its contagious hook appeals to the spirited, carefree rocker in all of us – from school children and working class dads to hard-core hip-hoppers and blue-haired, Mohawk-wearing Punk Rockers. From note one, excited fans begin strumming air guitars, crowd surfing and building mosh pits that rival those of any major rock concert. “Rock stars party freely,” says Sheed. “They don’t hold back. That’s the way we like to party.” And it’s the way they like to make music. The guys say the hook to “Party Like A Rockstar” was stuck in Meany’s head for weeks. When he finally shared it with them, they knew it was different, that it was edgy and unlike anything else in the clubs or on the radio. It was the perfect introduction to their unique brand of music. “I think our sound is different,” says Sheed, “because we would listen to what everybody else was doing and we thrived on not doing what everybody else was doing. We didn’t want to be just like them and that’s not disrespecting them but we want to create our own lane, not follow somebody else’s path.” As for their definition of the newly-created sub-genre known as ‘hood rock, Sheed says, ”It’s got energy and a rock feel to it but at the same time it’s all about rocking the club, getting the club charged up. We don’t want to say crunk because we’re not followers of the crunk movement. We’re trying to have our own sound that’s still energetic.”

But in an industry that often encourages imitation over innovation, Shop Boyz knew that coming from a fresh perspective could be risky; still, they were willing to take the plunge. “Sometimes people are afraid to take risks,” says Sheed. “Meany came to us with that hook. He wasn’t scared to say something to us and take that risk and we weren’t afraid to get behind him on it.” And a popular deejay at Bankhead’s famous Pool Palace wasn’t afraid to put it to the test in the club. “We’re just glad that DJ T-Rock decided not to second-guess our music,” Sheed says. “It grew so fast that we were really chasing behind the song,” Meany adds. The song quickly transformed into a phenomenon and took on a life of its own, garnering airplay from Georgia to Texas to New York and everywhere in between. It wasn’t long before Shop Boyz found themselves and their label, ONDECK Records, negotiating a joint venture with Universal Music Group, a move that would truly catapult them beyond their southern boundaries and afford them the opportunity to test their brand in unfamiliar territory. The verdict: a hit is a hit is a hit.

Like their Bankhead brethren, Shop Boyz project a sound and image that appeal to their street comrades but, at the same time, they shun over-the-top vulgarity and shy away from glorifying street life and the trials that accompany it. “We from the streets,” offers Fat, “so if you’re from the streets and I’m from the streets, there ain’t too much I don’t know about. I don’t wanna hear about you not having gas for your car when I can’t pay my rent. I want people to go on another level….If you say you sold drugs, I did too at one point. You stole a bike; I stole a bike at one point too. We come from Bowen Homes and Bowen Homes, at one point, wasn’t the place to be and it’s still like that. But in our music, we don’t have to talk about that. We can take it to another level.”

Shop Boyz’s debut CD, “Rock Star Mentality,” is a sampling of the creativity and diversity that go into each and every song that this creative collective churns out. Whether they’re flossing and having fun on a track like “My Car” or showing respect for their ladies on “She Knows,” Shop Boyz tell new stories in new and exciting ways. “Rain Dance,” a sure standout, is bound to inspire some new moves on the dance floor. “It’s a lot of energy,” says Meany. “I think people are gonna like it because you gotta dance to it. It’s another movement.” And a group favorite, “Rollin’,” is a track the guys swear is actually hotter than their blazing “Party Like A Rockstar.” “It’s so next level,” says Meany.

From spending hours with their heads under the hoods of hoopties in Bankhead to scheduling photo shoots and promo tours all over the country, Shop Boyz are enjoying their success. “It’s been great,” says Sheed. “We’ve been so blessed. You go from saying ‘Please God, please do this, please do that’ to ‘thank you God.’ I used to wonder why I had to grow up in Bowen Homes and why I had to see the things that I saw and why my mama and daddy had to have me out here. But now it’s all kinda coming together. I’m not looking at the fame and money part. What I’m looking at is the fact that my son don’t have to worry about nothing.”
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Big & Rich

Multi-Platinum Crowd Pleasers
To Release Their Third Album June 5th, 2007
Lead Single “Lost In This Moment” Bounding Up the Charts

Big & Rich is proud to announce the release of their third studio album, slated for release by Warner Bros. Records on June 5, 2007. Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace includes the single “Lost In This Moment,” which has already gotten off to a great start at radio. The single hit airwaves beginning Friday, February 9th, when programmers just couldn’t wait to get it out to the people. Only three days later, “Lost In This Moment” landed at #41 on Monday’s R&R Chart, making it the highest charting debut single of the week.

Over the course of their career as Big & Rich, Big Kenny and John Rich have proven themselves to be nothing if not original, and their forthcoming album most certainly fits that bill. Whether showcasing silky vocals and a heartfelt sincerity as they do on “Lost In This Moment,” or mixing power guitar with swingin’ fiddles and a honky-tonk piano, Big & Rich carry through on their promise of “Music Without Prejudice.” “We're really proud of our new album. We think it's possibly the best work of our careers, and we can't wait for our fans to get their hands on it!” say Big & Rich. “2007 is going to be a great year for Big and Rich."

Since the release of their break-out hit “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)” in 2004, the Big & Rich party has not stopped. Their #1 debut album, Horse Of A Different Color, has been RIAA certified double platinum, and 2005’s follow-up release, Comin’ To Your City, is also platinum. Big & Rich have three #1 videos to their name—“Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy),” “Holy Water,” and “8th of November,” which was nominated for both song of the year and video of the year at last year’s CMA awards, and was up for the all-genre video of the year category at this year’s Grammys.

The release of the duo’s first book, Big & Rich: All Access, is also just around the corner. Center Street will release the book simultaneously with the album on June 5.

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Kelly Rowland 'Like This' featuring Eve

Kelly Rowland

"Like This" featuring Eve (Audio)
"Like This" featuring Eve (Video)

About Kelly Rowland

They say that change can be a good thing. Just ask Kelly Rowland, a founding member of Destiny's Child, the top-selling female recording group of all-time, and a best-selling Grammy-winning solo artist in her own right.

By 2006, Destiny's Child had wrapped the group's "Destiny Fulfilled" farewell tour and Kelly Rowland -- who'd successfully debuted as a solo artist in 2002 with a global smash album, Simply Deep, and a chart-topping Grammy-winning hit single, "Dilemma" --decided to record her second solo album, a collection of new songs reflecting who she was and where she was going as a woman and as an artist.

The result, Ms. Kelly is the long-awaited successor to Rowland's best-selling 2002 solo debut album, Simply Deep, which has sold more than 2.5 copies worldwide, debut at #1 in the UK and Australia. Simply Deep showcased the smash hit, "Dilemma," Kelly's duet with the rapper Nelly, which earned the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2003 and spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Hot 100.

By 2005 and the release of Destiny Child's chart-topping #1's album, Kelly could see that her creative impulses were heading in new directions and decided to express that joy and freedom on her latest album. "Yeah," Kelly says, radiating confidence, "I'm totally proud of what I initially worked on but the more I lived with it, the more I grew to realize that I wanted to really focus on where I am today. I said, 'Kelly. You're 25 years old! You like to party and you want your songs to be played in clubs.' I wanted to my new record to sound as young as I feel, so that's what I focused on."

The result is the eagerly-awaited Ms. Kelly. Featuring production from some of the most innovative names in the game -- including Polow Da Don, Sean Garrett, Tank, Scott Storch, Rockwilder, SoulShock and Karlin, and Billy Mann -- as well as guest appearances from Eve and Snoop Dogg, Ms. Kelly is 100% Kelly Rowland 2007: sexy, honest, playful, and passionate. "I really put my heart and soul into this record," she enthuses, "and not only am I excited that everyone's going to hear the music, I'm looking forward to people getting to hear the real me. That's the reason I called the album Ms. Kelly. Because the title is all about respect, being an adult and that's how I feel about my life, and my music. I know it's kind of a cliché to say, but Ms. Kelly really is the album I was meant to make."

You can hear it on her jump-off single, "Like This," featuring Eve. Hip-shaking, bass- blessed and hot-wired with a sassy vibe, "Like This" sends a clear message to the fellas: don't mess with Ms. Kelly.

Cowritten by Kelly and Sean Garrett ("Ring The Alarm," "Yeah"), produced by Polow Da Don ("London Bridge") and featuring Eve, "Like This" kicks off Ms. Kelly with attitude, which was exactly what Kelly had in mind. "Destiny's Child had always had such great experiences with Sean," Kelly says. "So I thought, let me try him on my album. Polow already had this hot track. I loved the sound of the cowbell; it was so different! Sean and I started writing and he said, 'Kelly this is your first single' and it turned out he was right." Kelly took a break from recording the song and when she and Sean returned to the studio she had a flash of inspiration. "I just heard Eve on this song," she recalls. "I knew her energy belonged on the song and, just like that, it all came together. Then I knew: this was the single."

Ms. Kelly premieres the fab collaboration "Ghetto," produced by Tank and featuring Snoop Dogg. "'Ghetto' is about good girls who dig bad boys and it's one of my favorites," Kelly admits. "As soon as Tank played it, I knew and recorded it in an hour. 'Ghetto' is just so laid back and that's why I had to have Snoop. He just gives it that something. I like it when a song can make you feel good."

Although working with Snoop and Eve were dreams come true, Kelly wanted to keep the collaborations on her new album to a minimum. "I always get something when I collaborate," she says, "but this time I wanted to show more of myself."

That emotional honesty is evident on "This Is Love," the album's closing track. A mid-tempo coda to an otherwise upbeat collection, "This Is Love" is a song that Kelly's wanted to record ever since producer/co-writer Billy Mann played it for her four years ago. Profoundly open in its perspective, showcasing one of Kelly's strongest vocal performances, "This Is Love" was originally written for a movie soundtrack. When the project fell through Kelly held on to the song. "The timing worked out perfectly because now it's on my album," she says happily. "I love the song. It feels timeless and it speaks about how to be open with love. Even when things go bad and you're hurt, you still have to be open and whenever it comes you'll know that this is love."

A founding member and vocal superstar in Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland proved a major contributing force to the group's record-breaking global popularity as Destiny's Child racked up sales of more than 100 million records worldwide while earning two Grammy Awards in the Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals category (2000: "Say My Name"; 2001: "Survivor").

Kelly's natural charm and charisma have opened up the doors to roles in movies and on television. Her big screen acting credits include starring roles in the 2003 horror blockbuster, "Freddy vs. Jason," and 2004's comedy-romance, "The Seat Filler," executive produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Among her television roles, she has appeared as "Carly" in three episodes of "The Hughleys" and as "Martha Reeves" (of Martha & the Vandellas) on "American Dreams." She has performed on "Saturday Night Live" and as a guest host on "The View."

Most recently, Kelly Rowland may be seen as celebrity spokesperson for the "Dark & Lovely" hair product line from Soft Sheen-Carson (consumer products division of L'Oreal USA, Inc.).

"Writing and recording Ms. Kelly has definitely been a learning process," the young artist offers. "And I like that it was. I needed to prove something to myself: that I can make great music, stay true to who I am and, more importantly, be my own woman, in and out of the studio. Making Ms. Kelly made me grow up, in every aspect of my life."

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