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The Grand Illusion by Styx Bassist Chuck Panozzo Is In Stores

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A founding member of Styx and its iconic bass player, Chuck Panozzo remembers what it was like on the road to success, riding between local gigs in the back of a station wagon, and at the peak of his fame, playing before thousands of screaming female fans and torrents of panties, bras, and propositions. He also recalls the loneliness and gnawing fear of being found out and exposed as a gay man. He tells the story of his struggle to come to terms with himself while navigating a rock ‘n’ roll odyssey in THE GRAND ILLUSION: Love, Lies, and My Life with Styx.

“Styx's fans will enjoy Panozzo's detailed look at the band's internal conflicts as they rise from small Chicago bars to sold-out arenas. But the heart of Panozzo's autobiography is a sensitive and insightful look at ‘one gay man's struggle to come to terms with himself’ while performing in a rock world where ‘the things that would make the other guys laugh—a female fan lifting up her skirt, a pair of panties thrown on stage—just didn't do it’ for him.”
—Publishers Weekly

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