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Five Questions with Author/Poet Anthony Chavon Hanes

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anthony Chavon Hanes is the author of An Abstract World Vol.2 "Emotions.

What inspired you to write your latest collection?
I consider myself an individual who feeds off of life experiences and I have so many thoughts in my head at all times. I consider myself a "day dreamer" therefore I have a lot to share with readers who enjoy diverse poetry and short stories from a diverse man.

Did you find it hard to open yourself up to the public by sharing your work?
No, and I feel that "true" writers never second guess the words that pour from their soul. I love sharing my work with others and the love I receive is priceless.

One complaint women have about men is that some men do not know how to communicate. I've read your poetry and have been a regular reader of your blogs.
Communication doesn't appear to be a problem with you. What would you suggest to those men who do find it hard to communicate their feelings to the special woman in their lives?
First of all I appreciate you reading my material on a consistent basis. That measn more than you know. To me this is a simple question Shelia and the word that comes to mind in regard to this is "Listening". Men at times don't listen to what the woman are saying and miss out on so many things as a result of that. I learned the hard way...lol..but with age comes growth and I know how to "hear" woman and people in general. This allows me to connect with individuals from various backgrounds.

When did you know you had "the gift?"
Well, teachers told me throughout grade school up to high school that I had an imagination that is was different than my peers. I never looked at it like a "gift" until my college years. I just thought that writing was fun and I wanted to share it. I still feel that way. My 10th grade teacher told me I was destined for greatness and it scared me at 15 years of age. I guess we will see Shelia.

Do you have plans to write fiction?
I'm working on that write now and of course the next installment of An Abstract World Series. The next book is going to be Vol. 3 "The Voice of Reason" coming Spring 2008. Of course An Abstract World Vol.2 "Emotions" is available now. God bless!

To learn more about Anthony "Tony" Hanes, visit one of his websites:
www.myspace.com/chavon30 or http://www.tonyhanespoerty.com

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
posted by Shelia, 8:10 PM


I am thoroughly enjoying " An Abstract World" Vol. 2. Anthony is a profound author. I am proud to be a part of his cirlce of readers and friends!

S. Hunter
commented by Blogger Mahogany, 1:09 PM  
S. Hunter, I'm sure Mr. Hanes appreciates your comments. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you continue to visit.
commented by Blogger Shelia, 2:23 PM  
Mahagany..i appreciate the love and support...im humbled...god bless
commented by Blogger tony, 5:43 PM  

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