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Thursday, January 10, 2008

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posted by Shelia, 4:02 PM


saw ure book at mrsgrapevine, just gtu ill check out the site, looks hot, keep doing ya thing
You need to get ahead of the CURVE.. BARAK WON CHANGE WON




No two greater social movements impacted and altered the history of America these past 50yrs. as did the Civil Rights and Feminist Movements of the 60’s and 70’s. It is with this selfsame “voice”, committed to social change and reform we believe the beginning of the 21st century here in America will be defined by the ‘REBIRTH” of the culture of Hip Hop into a ‘MOVEMENT’ of serious and affective social activism and reform. The last two decades witness a radical shift in the subculture commonly referred to in America as Popular Culture. What began as a regional artistic expression of disaffected urban youth has become at the dawn of the 21st century the most dominate, recognized and influential American cultural expression. Hip Hop Culture, it is also the most ineffective, impotent and powerless “VOICE” for social activism due primarily to its moral bankruptcy and the larger societies ‘view’ of the culture as a vehicle for only entertainment and consumerism.
We at the INNER CULTURAL EXCHANGE INSTITUTE are committed to giving back ‘voice’ to the culture through moral rebirth with a vision towards the culture evolving into “A MOVEMENT “for effective change and historic social activism. Before this evolution can take ‘root’ there has to be a “collective shift” in the consciousness of the youth and young adults who dominate the culture.
To date, most young people who identify and take influences from the culture do so through cultural imagery and it is these powerful IMAGES that until recently ‘defined’ Hip Hop Culture. However, disaffection is rampant in the body of Hip Hop especially with respect to its continued Moral Degeneracy in its music, fashion and overall cultural matrix whether intended or unintentional. Enough has been said and more than enough examples have been cited, all too recent relative to its very offensive messages of misogynistic, homophobic, nonconformist, alcohol and drug condoning and as someone recently said: pornification of American culture. Our stated purpose is a commitment to “Enjoining the Social Good and Eradicating the Social Ills” as defined by the larger society in fostering a ‘collective shift’ in the consciousness and behavior of the youth and young adults who have chosen Hip Hop as a cultural expression and to some extent away of life.
We at the INNER CULTURAL EXCHANGE INSTITUTE are committed to doing in and for the Hip Hop Culture what the ‘Moral Majority’ did for Christian Conservatism in America in the latter part of the 20th century. Many will find that statement Radical we here at the ICE Institute find it no more Radical than the notion of a BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States. Change we can believe in begins with moral clarity; we will galvanize the masses on a platform that ‘enjoins social good and forbids social ills’® and all that that entails, in the INDIVIDUAL, in the FAMILY, in the COMMUNITY and finally in the CULTURE. The first step in this process begins with the culture evolving into a realistic avenue through which Moral Values can realistically be taught to the masses. Traditionally the transference of Moral Values in America took place through four (4) primary sources, the HOME, the CHURCH, the SCHOOL and finally the ENVIORNMENT. We here at the ICE Institute believe there can be no meaningful change and development in neither Hip Hop Culture nor a realistic transition towards a MOVEMENT until there takes place GENUINE MORAL REFORM. Likewise, we believe this moral reform must be presented in a multicultural, multiethnic all inclusive context which draws its AUTHORITY from the three (3) dominate Moral Cultural Traditions in America. The Abraham Traditions (the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions). The national media labeled President Bush’s reelection in 2004 ‘a moral shift’ in the countries collective response to global affairs. We here at the ICE Institute view this year’s election as a ‘MORAL SHIFT’ in the Cultures response to DEOMESTIC AFFAIRS. A new Cultural Door is about to be open in the history of this country and the Hip Hop Culture and its followers will be the eyes and ears through which the rest of the world will view America as we begin this second decade of the 21st century.
It is a common theme in Hip Hop Culture that the ‘old school’ (baby boomer’s) generation has failed in its duty to teach and pass on ‘ that legacy of social and moral responsibility’ which were the corner stone of the feminist and civil rights era. The culture has failed to produce morally-upright leaders, visionaries, individuals and or groups who can affect collective shifts in the masses thinking, approach and views on REAL ISSUES, to wit: Jena La. was in fact a death blow to the ideology of the civil rights era. We failed to be that bridge, we failed to ‘pass the torch’ we somehow let the ‘DREAM’ die. We here at the ICE Institute concede none of the above, we however take full responsibility and shamefully admit we failed to develop morally decent human beings out of our children. We have turned our moral trust, our moral authority over to our children and their culture in the home, schools, communities and to some degree the larger America society. It is therefore with a sense of deep shame and commitment that we here at the Ice Institute appeal to all associated with the Culture to support us in our efforts to reclaim in ourselves and our children, our youth and our young people that most precious of all human values, MORAL DEGINTY.
The message of ‘enjoining social good and eradicating social evil’ in Hip Hop is an enormous challenge to undertake. We intend to use every means at our disposal as it will take a monumental plan and equal amount of effort and expense to move the Culture from stagnation to a movement of significant social reform. Our leaders today speak of ‘DEFINING MOMENTS IN HISTORY’ we view the Culture as being in and apart of this defining historic shift in American history. What we need as much as your support is your confidence in the ability of the culture and people in it committed to changing lives, there’s their families, communities, their country. We need your commitment to the Moral Rebirth of our children, our youth, and our young adults in shaping the Moral Ideal we believe in called America. Finally, we ask for your ‘voice and activism’ in making history, being apart of history and yes! Writing this continued legacy we call America.


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Great! I will check this out. :)
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