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Interview with DC Yeager

Monday, June 25, 2007

Introducing DC Yeager.

DC Yeager caught my attention after listening to music on his myspace page.

Have you signed with a label yet?
No not yet.

Are you going to release any songs as an independent?
Right now we're just building the buzz and looking for the backing of a Major.

How did you & Ne-Yo team up for Not What You're Used to & the other songs on your myspace?
Ne-Yo is a great writer and he and I were working together since the first Youngstown album so it was only natural to collab with him on some records and the duet "Let Me Know".

Besides singing, are you a songwriter?
I am. I love bringing something to life from nothing.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in music?
Around the age of thirteen is when I really started developing my vocals and that's when people started to notice. I'd go to various Karaoke bars with my older friends just to sing on a mic and in front of strangers. I loved that rush and I was hooked ever since.

Random thoughts with DC Yeager...

What's your favorite past time? I enjoy writing. Songs, poetry, stories, etc. I watch a lot of tv too. lol I have some can't miss shows, so the DVR is one of my best friends at this point. lol
Where's your favorite vacation spot? There's a little spot down in North Carolina I like to go to. Right on the beach, very secluded, very quiet, & very relaxing. Then again I've never been to Hawaii so I might have to get back to you on this one.
Are you a morning person or a night owl? Well, right now I'm more of a morning person because I'm usually up at about 6am.
Who are some of your favorite music artists? Boys II Men, Jodeci, Shai, Brian McKnight, Babyface, & Queen to name a few.
If I were to ask your friends about you, how would they describe you? They'd say I was really laid back and chill. The voice of reason and a joker...I've got a very sarcastic sense of humor and I make them fools laugh nonstop. Then again these ARE my friends we're talking about so who knows what kinda mess they'd come up with... lol

To learn more about DC Yeager and to hear some of his music, visit him on myspace:

Interview by entertainment writer Shelia M Goss and national bestselling author of Paige's Web (Nov. '07), My Invisible Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true. To learn more, visit her website at www.sheliagoss.com.
posted by Shelia, 8:16 AM


I'm so glad to hear something SORT of recent coming from DC. I've really missed this guy (and the group, but he is my fave)& he is so talented and has a very beautiful voice. I hope to hear a whole lots more from him SOON. This interview just made me anXios about him even more so DC, keep doin ya thang, God Bless & Love u! *Channa*
commented by Anonymous Channa*, 11:59 AM  

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