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DVD Young Cesar

Monday, June 25, 2007


Young Cesar stars Clifton Powell, Sean Blakemore, Dominique Daniel and Sam Sarpong.

If Sean Blakemore is starring in a film, you already know what to expect--an urban thriller with a twist. His performance doesn't disappoint. Clifton Powell's character ends up behind bars and Cesar, played by Dominique Daniel, feels abandoned and ends up leading a life his father despises. Torn between his life as a drug dealer and keeping his brother Tariq from falling prey to the streets, Cesar begins to transform on screen. When he decides he wants to change his way of life, something keeps pulling him back in. Can he get out before it's too late?

Young Cesar is filled with twists and turns and shows the ugliness of what happens when you're living a life of crime. The theme for the movie should be - There's a price to pay for every deed done. ~ Shelia M Goss, entertainment writer and National Bestselling author of Paige's Web and My Invisible Husband
posted by Shelia, 9:02 AM


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