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DVD 4 Life

Monday, June 25, 2007

4 Life is an urban film based on Thomas Long's novel "A Thug's Life." It stars Elise Neal, Wood Harris, JD Williams, Page Kennedy, Kwame Patterson, Miguel Gaeton, and Sunday Carter. The movie is for mature audiences only.

The movie is about two friends who ran the streets of Baltimore. When Dayvon decides he wants out, Ty feels betrayed. Ty's feeling of betrayal sets up a chain of events that wreck havoc in both of their lives. I was surprised of Elise Neal's performance in 4Life, but she's believable as Dayvon's love interest.

4 Life shows that the streets are loyal to no one. It's a constant battle of who will be on top.

4 Life will be in stores on July 3, 2007 or order your copy online.

~ Shelia M. Goss, Entertainment Writer and National Bestselling author of Paige's Web and My Invisible Husband
posted by Shelia, 8:36 AM


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