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Introducing Natalie Walker

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Who is Natalie Walker?
Born and raised in Indiana to a religious, sheltering family, vocalist Natalie Walker is an artist whose lilting, melodic voice and lyrical reveries reflect a lifejourney of determination and self-discovery. With musical influences ranging from Alison Krauss to Portishead, Jewel to Lauryn Hill, Beth Orton to Bjork, the former lead singer of downtempo electronic group Daughter Darling now delivers her own unique, haunting sonic landscape that is at once organic,
ethereal, elegant and entrancing. “Creating music is my outlet,” says Natalie.
“I was born to sing. When I don’t, I feel empty. When I do, I feel fulfilled. It’s
that simple.”

Urban Angel, her solo album debut, was co-written by Natalie and two-man production team Stuhr. “I worked with two really great producers out of
Brooklyn, Dan Chen and Nate Greenberg. They’d send me the rough copy of a song and the music would just evoke emotion,” she explains. “Its like fitting pieces of a puzzle together. When you’re in the studio recording its all very raw and real. I try to make a song new each time I sing it. I want it to be unforgettable. My producers are amazing. They forced me to develop my real voice. I’ve improved my vibrato and my tone. Stuhr delivered exactly what I asked of them. It couldn’t have happened more perfectly.”

Welcome to the world of Natalie Walker:
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