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5 Questions with Author Keith Lee Johnson

Monday, December 18, 2006

Keith Lee Johnson is the author of several books, including Little Black Girl Lost, Pretenses, Sugar and Spice and his most recent release is "The Honeymoon is Over."

After hearing so many great things about Johnson's latest book, I couldn't wait to read it for myself. The Honeymoon is Over is full of surprises--just when you think you have everything figured out, there's another twist.

As an avid reader, I sometimes like to know the backstory. I recently asked Keith Lee Johnson a few questions about his latest creation.

Was your main character in The Honeymoon is Over based on you or anyone you know?

Nelson Kennard is a depiction of all men and what they go through when they truly love a woman, but it isn't based on anyone per se. It's about the emotions that men deny. What I find truly interesting is that men, professional ballplayers and coaches alike, claim to be so hard, yet often cry on television when its time to retire from the gridiron. This in and of itself proves men are emotional creatures. Case in point, this past weekend, in the world of sports, Terrell Owens spit in the face of an opposing player. Why? According to Terrell, the opposing player got under his skin. In my opinion, here's what really happened. The opposing player indeed got under Mr. Owens' skin, but what Mr. Owens didn't say was this: "He said something that hurt me and my hurt turn to anger in microseconds." What Mr. Owens and most men won't admit to is the fact that words hurt. However, I showed you this in THIO when Parris used powerful words to rip her new boyfriend. As a result of her unfeeling diatribe, the hurt he felt, which turned to anger in microseconds, he first beat her, then raped her. Why? To regain the sense of losing his manhood--I said the SENSE of losing his manhood. And that's how it is with all men, bar none.

Why did you choose to show him dealing with various relationship issues?

I chose to show him dealing with various relationships issues because it's overdue. Most of the time men are considered the dogs in relationships. But the truth is what I showed you in The Honeymoon is OVER. For example, consider this: Since men are dogs (most anyway), who are they being dogs with? Women, right? And the women, most of them anyway, know the dog is either married, or in a committed relationship. The men tell the women this and the women still get involved with them. Yet, men are the dogs. I showed you in THIO that the knife cuts both ways and always have.

Do you think this well help women realize men also love deeply and share similar feelings when it comes to dealing with a broken heart?

No, I don't think women will realize men love deeply because most women think that any man that loves as deeply as Nelson is a wimp. This school of thought promotes another school of thought: Be a dog and a woman will never think of you as a wimp. More importantly, being a dog will ensure you of getting laid even though she knows you're a dog.

What do you feel is the biggest issue amongst the sexes, besides communication?

I think sex itself is the biggest issue. Few people realize that when they lay down with a person with no marital commitment, they are undermining their own relationship in terms of trust. People want exclusivity, but neither the man nor the woman are chaste enough to expect it or demand it. This sad truth manifests itself in that men from the beginning of time have been granted carte blanche in terms of sex and now women are exercising that same mentality. So what we have is a nation of men and women who have no idea what commitment means, but the reason for this universal attitude can be traced back to the behavior of men and what all of society has always sanctioned--his lewd ways.

What is next for Keith Lee Johnson?

The final installment of the Little Black Girl Lost series is due in stores February 6, 2007. After that, look for Hell has no Fury: A Phoenix Perry novel. In stores October 2007.

To learn more about this dynamic author, visit his website at www.keithleejohnson.com.

posted by Shelia, 11:49 AM


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