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E-Spire Entertainment News

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e-Spire Entertainment Best of 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Welcome to this special Holiday issue of e-Spire
Entertainment. Readers picked the "best of" for each
category from artists featured on the site.

Pull up your chair and take a look at e-Spire
Entertainment's Best of 2006.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

eSpire Female Artist of the Year

Mary J Blige had a phenomenal year
with "The
Breakthrough." It's no wonder that readers voted her
as eSpire Entertainment News 2006 Female Artist
of the Year
and "The Breakthrough" as the R
& B Album of the Year

Shelia Goss: What do you want listeners to
feel after they listen to The Breakthrough?

Mary J Blige: At the end of the day, none
of its easy—making the choice to be happy or making
the choice to share with people what I’ve shared
with people over the years has been a challenge. It’s
been really hard for me too especially once people
get a whiff of who you are (here comes the
At the end of the day, it takes a lot of courage to
bare all that I’ve bared.

What I want people to take from The Breakthrough is
if I can do what I’m doing right now, we all can do it.

To read the entire interview, CLICK HERE.
To Order Mary J Blige's The Breakthrough

eSpire Male Author of the Year

Brian Mcknight has a new label and a new
"10". Reader's voted him as the eSpire
2006 Male Artist of the Year.

Shelia: What's different from this album than
from some of your previous ones?

Brian Mcknight: I think the only
is my outlook. I'm finally at a place where my view of
myself and the view the label has of me is the same.
I'm emancipated. I got out of a situation I wasn't
happy in. I think this music here is very light, not too
deep and it seems like I'm having a lot more fun and I

To read the entire interview: CLICK HERE.

eSpire Rap Artist of the Year

T.I. released the "King" CD along with a
movie this past year. Reader's voted him as the
2006 Rap Artist of the Year
and "King" as
Rap Album of the

T.I. is back with a vengeance. The debut
single "What You Know" (track #3) is only a snippet
of what to expect on the KING CD.

To read full review: CLICK HERE.

eSpire New Artist of the Year

Penning songs for others has helped Ne-Yo
with his own debut solo project "In My Own Words."
Readers voted him as the eSpire 2006
New Artist of the Year.

To access the interview with Ne-Yo, CLICK HERE.

eSpire New Rap Artist of the Year

Yung Joc had everyone from kids to the
stars rocking
with "It's Going Down" with his debut CD "New Joc
City." Readers voted him as the eSpire 2006 New
Rap Artist of the Year.

To read more about Yung Joc, CLICK HERE.

eSpire Comeback Artist of the Year

Lionel Richie won this category hands down
according to the readers. With the release
of "Coming Home," he's eSpire's 2006 Comeback
Artist of the Year.

Lionel Richie's "Coming Home" CD is classic Lionel. If I
could give it more than five stars, I would. ~ Shelia
M. Goss, author & entertainment writer for e-Spire
Entertainment & BellaOnline Women in Music

To read entire review, CLICK HERE.

eSpire Movie of the Year

Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion" made
you laugh, cry and every thing else in between. Readers
voted it as eSpire's 2006 Movie of the

Book Announcement

Entertainment writer Shelia M. Goss has
penned a new novel My Invisible

My Invisible Husband is the tale of one
woman’s desperate attempt to stop the age-old
question posed to all women at some point in their
lives: So when are you getting married? To appease
her family and friends, 34-year-old Nicolette Montana
fakes a Las Vegas wedding. How she handles her
web of deceit makes for a dramatic and sometimes
comical story.

To find out more about this dynamic writer, go to:
posted by Shelia, 9:00 PM


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