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The Rapstars E.P.

Monday, September 11, 2006

LEXICON. The Rapstars E.P. (B.E.A.R./Alpha Pup Records)
DIGITAL EP - 10/3/06

After releasing two successful indy hiphop albums and becoming one of the bigger names in the LA underground hiphop scene, Lexicon was frustrated. They felt they weren't expressing themselves creatively how they wanted to, so instead of building on the props they'd achieved in the underground scene, they tore it all down, to build it up again. And in the process, they committed an underground hiphop cardinal sin -- they added live instruments to their music. Lexicon began to grow weary of the un-originality that is pervading hiphop, in both the mainstream and the underground . They wanted to seperate themselves from the muck and break through the ceiling they felt was put on top of the type of music they were making. And most importantly, they wanted to make the kind of music they always wanted to make! Risky decision yes, but what's more gratifying than doing exactly what you want to do? They spanned their influences from dance- rock to modern rock to the raw drums and stabs of classic hiphop, until they found a perfect mesh. And the thread that ties them together are that Oak and Nick are better MC's than ever, and C-Minus is still providing neck breaking beats for every song. With C-Minus manning the beats, Oak and Nick doing what they do best, and bassist Alex Pauley and guitarist Jason "Metal 24/7" Zimmerman adding what Lexicon felt was always missing, this is truly like nothing you have ever seen or heard before. Will the risk pay off? We'll begin to see as Lexicon now unveils what they've been working on locked away in the studio for the past 2 years. Ladies and gentlemen, Lexicon presents to you THE RAPSTARS E.P, available exclusively on iTunes through B.E.A.R/Alpha Pup.

www.myspace.com/lexicon http://www.lexiconmusic.com/
posted by Shelia, 10:09 AM


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