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A Few Words with Defari

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Defari has a new release "Street Music." With 16 tracks, listeners should find several songs on the CD to ride to. This west coast rapper seems to have a laid back personality.

What's the concept behind your name?
Basically it's a way to say Def-ar-I or I'm Def. It also means the kingly one.

You grew up on the West coast right?
Born and raised in LA.

How long have you been rapping?
Professionally, I've been rapping for ten years.

So you're a veteran?
Yes. When it comes to LA, definitely that.

Who are some of the people you've work with?
I've worked with a lot of people. Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill and the list goes on & on.

Who all did you work with on Street Music?
Mike City, Alchemist, B Real, E-Swift, Evidence, J Ro, Dilated Peoples, etc.

How long did it take to put together?
A good ten months.

Do you listen to the beats first before you write your lyrics or do you already have your lyrics written when you go into the studio?
Most songs I write to the beat, but I always stay on deck with a full clip of lyrics. I'm always prepared.

Who are some of the people you listen to? When you're just chilling?
I'm a real music guy. I don't listen to the same stuff every day. It depends on what mood I'm in. I can put on Maze or have a playlist with Phyllis Hyman or Patrice Rushen and later put on some Black Mike.

What do you want people to walk away with after they listen to Street Music?
My album is custom built for car stereos that are super so basically I want them to walk away with the fact that my album knocks the whole way through.

Which songs on the CD sums up the whole theme?
People Trip and Don't Be Mad at Me.

Do you plan on going on tour?
I just got off tour with Dilated People and I did Europe two weeks after that.

How do your family/friends feel about your success?
Nothing but love and a lot of support. I'm extremely thankful.

How do you keep your composure? You seem so laidback.
I've been doing this for a minute and I also had a long night last night. So I'm just chilling.

Defari's Street Music is available now.

To learn more about Defari, check out one of his websites: http://www.defari.net or http://www.myspace.com/defari.
posted by Shelia, 12:16 PM


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