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Lil Scrappy Interview

Friday, June 23, 2006

RANDOM THOUGHTS with Lil Scrappy:

Who’s your favorite rapper of all time? Tupac
What’s your favorite kind of car to drive? Sports car (Ferrari with the top down)
What’s your favorite piece of bling? My G’s Up/G Unit piece…one big thing…
Is there a picture of it on your website? No, but it’ll be there in a minute.
Besides rapping, name one thing you enjoy doing? Being with my little girl
Do you own a pet? No
Do you like being alone or a crowd? Both

"I’m about to change the whole game around…I’m going to show them I can do what they do plus more," says Lil Scrappy.

To read the entire interview with Lil Scrappy, CLICK HERE.

posted by Shelia, 11:28 PM


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