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Who Is Amber A. Whitman

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Introducing poet Amber Whitman.

What inspires you to write poetry?

I have written many poems over the years, most can be found in my book. I take inspiration from many things, people, places, pictures, thoughts. I have also taken inspiration from nature for some of my poetry.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I can't say I always wanted to be a writer, but I was definitely writing poetry as a teenager. I went to a private school and through that we were touring the states in competitions. When my poetry started winning medals, that was huge for me. So with the purchase of our computer...it just seemed to come back to me. I think that I had that in me the whole time, but now I am truly able to pursue writing.

Was it easy for you to share your work with others?

For the most-part it was easy because I really didn't know the public that would be seeing my work. On the other hand sharing with friends and family was a whole other issue. As a writer, some of my work with invariably be about my family, relationships, and other details. One poem I wrote about my mother was pretty potent. I didn't know how to tell her that it would be in the book. I finally told her and she grew silent. That was hard.

What's next on my agenda?

I seem to never be able to stick to one thing. I have a family cookbook that I am working on...with pictures. I have two stories that I am currently working on....one is a fantasy and the other a relationship tale. I am hoping to turn the fantasy into a book...that would be my ultimate goal.....However, with a family it is sometimes hard to find the time to write. I have also been featured on a radio show called The Swimming Kangaroo...and that was a milestone. They even published one of my stories. I would have to say getting published and paid would be the natural next step and just getting my name and work out there......

Are you a full-time writer, If not what else do you do?

I would say, I am a full-time writer when time permits. I am also a wife and mother of a teenage son, so there are always responsiblities there. I would like to write more but with three of us in the house, we have to share computer times. I do some other things as well of course. I enjoy cooking, decorating, gardening, movies, and anything outdoors. I decided to stay home years ago to bring up my son...and that is what I find to be a very important job. However, writing has become my passion and now I need to make time for that as well.

How can readers learn more about you and your writing?

That's easy. They can just go to my personal/professional website at http://homebody2001-ivil.tripod.com

I have my bio, resume, poetry, stories and other credentials listed there as well as how to reach me. Subsequently they can visit my promotional booksite at http://www.geocities.com/whitmansbooks

If anyone would like to reach me they can do so through my email...and I would be more than happy to discuss issues with them. Also if they would like to purchase a copy of my book they can do so directly through me.

I would like to thank all my readers and you for this interview. I look forward to hearing from more people and to my future in writing.
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