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Gwyneth Bolton interviews Romance Author Patricia Sargeant

Monday, July 09, 2007

Romance author Patricia Sargeant speaks candidly with Gwyneth Bolton about her current novels and her works in progress. Check out the interview for an intriguing look at the publishing industry through the eyes of a new author.

Gwyneth Bolton: Your novel, You Belong to Me , has the perfect mix of romance and suspense. Often times as a reader I’ve found that authors have a hard time keeping that balance. What are your secrets to writing really good romantic suspense that has the right proportions? Come on… spill it. (smile)

Patricia Sargeant: I try to write stories in which the suspense, romance and personal grown are actually entwined. Those are the stories I enjoy reading. Stories in which the external conflict the characters face forces them to deal with their internal conflict, and that internal conflict is connected to the romance.

For example, in You Belong to Me , Malcolm and Nicole divorced basically because he shut her out emotionally. His internal conflict is learning to let people in; learning to accept help. Malcolm wants Nicole back, but someone is trying to kill them. That’s the external conflict. Once he learns to accept help (internal conflict), not only will he be able to stop the killer (external conflict), but he’ll also reunite with Nicole (romance).

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE.

Interview by guest columnist Romance Author Gwyneth Bolton. She's the recipient of several awards including the 2007 Emma Award for Best New Author and Book of the Year. To learn more about Ms. Bolton, visit her website:
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