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Confessions of a Call Girl DVD

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Confessions of a Call Girl stars Tamala Jones and Bokeem Woodbine. Tamala plays Tory Adams. Tory is married to Bokeem's character and unbeknowst to him, his wife is a call girl. During the course of the story, Tory tries to deal with her secret life by seeing a psychiatrist played by Lynn Whitfield. The psychiatrist tries to get to the root of Tory's sex addiction. One of Tory's clients becomes obsessed with her and attempts to blackmail her. Tory tries to keep her regular life and secret life seperately but things happen that threaten to make both of her worlds collide.


Confessions of a Call Girl takes you into the mind of a call girl and has an unforgettable surprise ending. ~ Review by Shelia M. Goss, entertainment writer and National Best selling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web.
posted by Shelia, 7:32 AM


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