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Killer Wave World Premiere

Monday, July 30, 2007

Killer Wave World Premiere Sunday August 5th 7/6c Only on ION Television

Prepare for the next wave… of terror. Massive tidal waves hit the East Coast and a team of scientists discover the terrifying reason behind the phenomenon. Killer Wave is an action-disaster miniseries which tells the tale of a sinister plot aimed to manufacture fear for profit.

Renegade scientist John McAdams (Angus Macfadyen), an expert on man-made ecological disasters and weapons of mass destruction, is called upon to pin point the cause of what appears to be a bizarre series of natural disasters. Partnered with the beautiful, young Sophie Marleau (Karine Vanasse) of the Oceanographic Institute, McAdams has grave suspicions that the deadly waves are man-made cataclysms triggered to wipe out half of the world. When another scientist sets out to prove who’s behind the undersea explosions, he’s murdered, and McAdams becomes the prime suspect. With the stakes raised, McAdams is on the run.

His greatest fear becomes a reality when he discovers the identity of the terrorist with undersea nuclear missiles set to detonate another full-scale assault. But as the earth rumbles and the waters rise, it may already be too late. Killer Wave is the action-adventure miniseries to top them all—ten stories tall and ready to strike.

Killer Wave was filmed in more than 45 locations throughout Canada during the summer of 2006. The miniseries was directed by Bruce McDonald (Queer As Folk, Degrassi: The Next Generation) and executive produced by Robert Halmi, Sr. and Robert Halmi, Jr. (Arabian Nights, Human Trafficking, Merlin).

RHI Movie Weekend presents the world premiere miniseries event, all in one night, only on ION Television.

Premieres Sunday August 5th, 2007 (7/6c)—Miniseries airs all in one night

The miniseries airs on ION Television. Check your local listings or visit http://titantvguide.titantv.com/apg/ion.aspx to find ION

Watch Trailer: CLICK HERE
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