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Marques Houston Proves Why He is a Veteran

Monday, March 26, 2007

Marques Houston's Veteran CD has at least four songs on it that I really like. I liked them so much, I've downloaded them to my MP3 player. Of course I like the single "Circle" that keeps getting a lot of airplay on the radio. I also like "Always and Forever," "Favorite Girl," and "Exclusively." The rest of the songs are fine as well, but those are my favorites. I think the average listener will enjoy Veteran. To me this is Marques Houston's best CD to date. Whether you purchase it in the store or purchase a download for your IPOD, either way, you shouldn't be disappointed. He picked the right music to back up his vocals.

With a great choice of songs, Marques Houston proves why he's not just eye-candy but a Veteran. ~ Shelia M. Goss, author of My Invisible Husband & Entertainment Writer for e-Spire Entertainment & BellaOnline Women in Music
posted by Shelia, 9:58 AM


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