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Keyshia Cole & EA Ski Take Center Stage

Sunday, March 25, 2007


New York, NY- Boost Mobile RockCorps (BMRC), the national youth volunteerism movement that has motivated more than 16,000 young people to get involved and help their communities, today announced that platimun recording artist recording artists Keyshia Cole and Bay-area rap legend EA Ski are to perform at this year's BMRC concert event at San Francisco's "The Grand" at The Regency Center on April 9 in celebration and reward the hard-working local youth who have volunteered four hours of community service in Oakland through BMRC to earn tickets to this ultra-exclusive event.

RockCorps, an organization harnessing the power of music to inspire volunteerism, and Boost Mobile, a wireless telecommunications brand dedicated to boosting the lives of today's youth, continue their highly successful partnership for the third year in a row. BMRC exposes young people to simple and fun ways they can proactively contribute to their neighborhoods and positively transform society. Combining the power of music, community and volunteerism, Boost Mobile RockCorps will offer entrance to this summer's most popular concerts for which the only way in is to earn tickets by contributing four hours of volunteer service.

A recent comparison of BMRC and non-BMRC participants illustrates the impact of the program on today's young people. Findings suggest close to 80% of BMRC volunteers are likely to volunteer again in the future - without a concert ticket/reward. Additionally, 73% of participants who attended the BMRC concert conveyed it gave them a sense of how powerful volunteer work can be. Music has the power to bring people together, and Boost Mobile RockCorps is channeling this power as a catalyst for making volunteering cool and relevant to today's youth.

Youth interested in becoming part of the Boost Mobile RockCorps movement can call BMRC at 1-888-ROCK-889, or log onto www.boostmobilerockcorps.com for more information and to register for membership. Opportunities to volunteer are as followed:

Keep Oakland Beautiful
Date: Friday, April 6
Location: Lake Merritt
Project Details: BMRC volunteers will converge on this central park, which is often termed the "jewel of Oakland". Volunteers will circle the lake cleaning debris out of this resource, and refurbishing the fountains. We will also place gravel, fix fences and beautify the nation's oldest wildlife nature refuge, which is home to many ducks, geese, birds and other wildlife. Other tasks will include re-planting the humming bird garden and building garden planters and filling them with annuals.

Friends of Sausal Creek
Date: Saturday, April 7
Location: Diamond Park
Project Details: BMRC volunteers will assist with riparian (creek) restoration on the Sausal Creek Watershed. This area is infused with non-native plants and erosion that threaten the wildlife and water quality of the watershed. Volunteers will remove exotic species, re-plant native species, place erosion blankets to control slippage, and other restoration tasks.

About RockCorps
RockCorps is an organization that harnesses the power of music to inspire volunteerism. Based on the early work of The Greenbucks Foundation, RockCorps was founded in 2003 to affect social change and act as the bridge between communities in need and the young adults who want to make them better. RockCorps' goals are to introduce volunteerism to teens and young adults, motivate people to volunteer in their community and launch a national movement. The company has formulated a unique blend of music, community and volunteerism to expose young people to simple ways they can proactively contribute to the greater good. The program employs music as an incentive to entice and then funnel volunteers through established non-profit organizations. By completing four hours of community service, each participant receives a ticket to a signature RockCorps event which features performances by some of the hottest names in music. Experience shows that after volunteering once with RockCorps, young people are twice as likely to do it again.

About Boost Mobile
Based in Irvine, California, Boost Mobile is a lifestyle-based telecommunications brand focused on offering premium Pay-As-You-Go wireless phones and services to the youth market. Boost Mobile is dedicated to boosting the lives of today's young people by contributing to youth development programs. Boost's community relation efforts, which include Boost Mobile RockCorps, Boost Mobile Ahead of the Game youth basketball camps, support to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Historically Black Colleges and Universities and more, are helping young people enhance their lifestyle and status, and build stronger connections and greater independence. Experience Boost on the Web at www.boostmobile.com
posted by Shelia, 9:41 PM


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