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DVD Playas Ball

Thursday, March 01, 2007

DVD in stores Today


The movie stars Allen Payne as Cedric Tinsley. Cedric is a professional basketball player who loves to play on and off the field. His life-long friend, Summer, is played by Elise Neal. Summer is not only his friend, but his publicist. Contrary to his friends dismay, Cedric feels he's ready to get engaged and he plans on proposing to his long time girlfriend Jill at "The Playas Ball," a party/ charity event hosted by Summer's boyfriend (played by Treach of Naughty by Nature).

Cedric's multi-million dollar endorsement contract is in jeopardy due to a morals clause when Tonya, a woman he claims to not know, files for child support for her 5 month old son. His relationship with Jill is also threatened. Cedric's life is turned upside down as he goes on a quest to prove his innocence.

A few other celebrities make cameo appearances in the movie.

The Playas Ball is filled with substance and although there are a few funny scenes, this is a drama. I would have liked to have seen this at the movie theaters, but it went straight to video. I would recommend you adding it to your movie collection.

Allen Payne has proven once again, he's the perfect leading man. ~ Shelia M. Goss, author of My Invisible Husband & Entertainment Writer for e-Spire Entertainment & BellaOnline Women in Music

posted by Shelia, 9:50 AM


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