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Five Questions with Author Lesley E Hal

Monday, February 26, 2007

When did you decide to take writing seriously?
I've always been a writer since grade school. Teachers encouraged me a great deaI with praises for my papers and winning writing contests. When in college, my instructor's would always tell me I should think about writing seriously because of my overactive imagination and my gift for pulling a story together no matter the subject. After losing a close friend in 1996, I needed an outlet, something to help me with my grieving. Not knowing how to deal with my sudden loss I found writing to be a great way to cope and out of that writing my first novel Blind Temptations was born. It took me until last year to become really serious about it, name the book and go for it.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?
Less than an hour if I have a concept of where I want to go with it.

Are your stories based on real life situations?
I based the life changing event that Chante had to face in Blind Temptations as therapeutic way of dealing with what actually happened to me. The rest are based on life and the things I’ve seen.

What are the names of your books?
"Blind Temptations" the Seduction of Sex, Lies, & Betrayal is the first release; others I am currently working on are, "Seduced" the Mistress of Seduction,(formerly known as Pleasure & Pain Seducing the Seductress) Blind Temptations 2, Fade to Black, MBLA (Man Boy Love Association, which is a group of men from all walks of life that prey on young boys from all over the world.) to name a few. I also have a plethora of short stories, one of which is being published in Zane's Chocolate Flava 2 coming out in August and then Stormy Weather was featured in Noire's online magazine in October.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
The advice I have for aspiring writers is to do your homework on the literary industry. Learn as much as you can, join online writer's groups and buy books on the matter. There's a wealth of information within those groups. I personally have learned so much from them and they're always there to offer advice or answer any questions you may have about the industry. Don't fall prey to online scams with printers, agents, publishers, publicists, web designers etc. It's sad to say, but true, there are people out there that thrive off of those of us that are naïve to the game. I can be reached at pleasureprinciplepublishing@yahoo.com or you can visit my website at www.pleasureprinciplepublishing.com

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and author of My Invisible Husband and Roses are thorns, Violets are true. For more information, visit www.sheliagoss.com.
posted by Shelia, 7:14 AM


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