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Who Is Belo?

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Truth
The Legion/Asylum/WEA

The Legion has a whole stable of artists that are going to be released in the next 18 months. Belo is the second artist to be released on The Legion label. Belo is also the first member of Do or Die to go solo.

What makes Belo's project so exciting is that a lot of people have been waiting for his solo project for so long, says Rudy Acosta, CEO of The Legion Records. For him to be the first one of the group to come out with a solo album, it's exciting to see the direction he's taking. His style is very unique within the group, and within the industry, too. He's got that smooth, pimp feel, but he also takes it to the streets. It's a great combination.

During Belo's career with Do Or Die, he was typically given a verse a song to explain his thoughts and views. Now, the Chicago rhyme legend is taking advantage of the extra mic time a solo album provides. That's why he's named it The Truth--he's got a lot he wants to speak on.

I picked it because a lot of the stuff I wanted to express I couldn't express when I was doing albums with Do Or Die, Belo explains. I wanted to touch on some topics that were real truthful, that were really real, so I called it The Truth. I had never gotten a chance to touch on my personal spirituality. I have done a lot on the streets. I lot of people don't know that side of me because they hear me rapping laid-back and smooth but they don't know the street side and the stuff that I've gone through in life.

Belo spits straight street on Outlaws and addresses issues he has with religious misdirection, the terrorist attacks on America, the war in Iraq and the American government on the searing God's Wrath. But Belo gives fans the classic Do Or Die sound Belo helped define, too. One such tune is sexy lead single So Exclusive, which features the soulful vocals of Johnny P, the sensuous production work of The Legendary Traxster and showcases Belo rapping about having an exclusive woman.
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