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McAlmont & Butler “Speed” Digital Release August 8th

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On August 8th, Rough Trade America will release “Speed”, the new download-only single from McAlmont and Butler. This will be the first US release from legendary guitarist Bernard Butler (Suede, The Tears) and the iconic smooth-voiced singer David McAlmont, since their first album came out in US shops a whopping TEN years ago. This release is for fans of the duo’s previous musical incarnations and for anyone who loves sweeping guitars and unabashed melodies.

“Just to clarify… we haven’t made an album and this is not the start of yet another boring big sell campaign. When David & I recorded this track it was the only thing EMI would pay for us to do, and we decided not to try and impress but to do what we wanted and ignore all their advice. They dropped us without hearing it. I always promised we would put this out someday somehow, so I finished it off alone and pledged to press up a few copies on my own. That was my dream, and Rough Trade kindly intervened and offered to take the burden off my hands. The dream remains as deliberately purist as the song: There is no sleeve because we have nothing to say that isn’t in the song. There are no credits because we don’t owe anybody anything. There is no video because they are always rubbish. There is no live version because I don’t have 3 drummers. To go against the purist’s opinion, there can be no purer way of presenting a piece of music than on a format that you physically can’t touch. And let’s face it, they sound alright and if you say otherwise you're boring. It’s my baby. Take her or leave her, I don’t care, but she’s a lady all the same.” - Bernard Butler

posted by Shelia, 4:50 PM


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