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Tajai Massey's Clear Label Records to Release First Album

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Souls of Mischief Member Tajai Ushering In New Generation of Bay Area Talent

(Brooklyn, NY) - Tajai Massey, one-forth of the Souls of Mischief crew and founding member of the indie hip-hop powerhouse Hieroglyphics Imperium, announced his latest venture; the first official release from Clear Label Records. After dropping two mixtapes that sold over 8K copies in the Bay Area alone, Beeda Weeda's debut full-length album Turfology 101 will be released on August 29th 2006.

Beeda Weeda is a rapper and producer from the notorious Murder Dubs neighborhood of Oakland, CA. With seven years of production experience and two mixtapes under this belt, Beeda is ready to unleash his narration of street life in Oakland with "Turfology 101." The album is a reflection of Beeda's experiences growing up in East Oakland. As Beeda puts it, "Turfology 101 is a lesson for those who want to know about Oakland's 'hood life, our swagger, our culture, the sideshows, the hyphy shit, and the hustle mentality. I touch on all of those subjects on my album."

Tajai founded Clear Label Records in 1999 to provide a home for some of the most talented artists the rich Bay Area scene has to offer. Other artists on the label include emcee Shake Da Mayor, pop/rock singer Chris Marsol, and funk/RnB singer Baby James. Using his experience as both a successful artist and successful label owner, Tajai has big plans to take these artists to the next level. "Contrary to what people may think, I'm not anti-mainstream or anti-major label," explains Tajai. "When things start to pop off and the majors come knocking on our door to bring these hardworking talented artists out of the 'hood and into the TV screens and speakers of mainstream America, then I'll consider my job done." To Tajai, Clear Label Records is more than just making money - it's about enabling artists to make smart choices in their careers and lives.
posted by Shelia, 4:46 PM


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