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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

LIL WAYNE AND BIRDMAN Pair Up For Historic Release, Donate To Miami Soccer Program

New Album LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON In-Stores This Fall
New York, NY - Talk about your hip-hop summits; Cash Money/Universal Records' reigning hip-hop icons Lil Wayne and Birdman are gearing up to release their first studio album together, Like Father Like Son, which is scheduled to hit stores this fall, and includes the first single “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.”

"There's nothing like spittin' off the same page," claimed the duo, who between them, have sold more than 7 million albums. The new disc is set to feature guest appearances by a host of stellar hip-hop artists including Fat Joe, Lil Jon, T-Pain and Rick Ross, as well as showcasing the talent of production masters Swizz Beats and Scott Storch, among others. Birdman and Lil Wayne have often appeared on each other’s solo releases, but never before have they released a full-length album together. Their Like Father Like Son collaboration marks yet another historical milestone proffered by the prolific Cash Money imprint, the New Orleans hip-hop empire which launched in 1991 and is responsible for a diverse array of best selling artists.

Most recently, Lil Wayne garnered platinum-plus status for his across-the-board smash album Tha Carter II, his fifth solo album (and second platinum release). Lil Wayne recently was honored with an MTV “Sucker Free MC Of The Year” nomination, with viewers ultimately voting to crown the winner.

The tireless star also recently wrapped production on the video for his latest single, “Shooter” featuring Robin Thicke. The New York Times recently raved about Lil Wayne's performance with Thicke (son of TV entertainer Alan Thicke) on 'The Tonight show With Jay Leno," citing Wayne's penchant for mixing it up with the crooner and his song "Oh Shooter," as genre-defying 'cross-under' promotion genius.

Hip-hop mogul/artist Birdman is coming off his pivotal 2005 release, Fast Money, his second solo effort, featuring the radio staples “Get Your Shine On” and “Neck Of The Woods,” both of which featured Lil Wayne. Birdman’s signature rap style and on-point business acumen has made him a legend both behind the microphone and behind the scenes, as him and his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams have guided Cash Money from a start-up hip-hop imprint more than 15 years ago, to a 30 million-plus selling global empire known around the globe.

The enterprising mogul has managed to stay true to the principles of the street while nurturing a myriad of successful commercial endeavors, including a successful footwear collection in a venture with Lugz, narrating a popular video game, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition from Rockstar Games, and making his feature film debut in the 2005 movie Beauty Shop.

Like Father Like Son kicks off yet another chapter in the amazing Cash Money story, and will cement Baby and Lil Wayne’s position as bona fide cross-cultural superstars, to be reckoned with.

Birdman, along with his brother Cash Money Records co-CEO Ronald “Slim” Williams, is also donating $3000 on behalf of their charity Cash Money For Kids to the Morningside Park Soccer Program in Miami. The donation will go directly to the children’s soccer program for new equipment. “We always believe in giving back to the community, and we want to make sure the kids have recreational outlets that may help them stay out of trouble.” states Ronald “Slim” Williams. Bryan “Birdman” Williams says, “It’s important for young kids to be able to play safe and have fun. Hopefully this will help the children of Morningside Park enjoy their day a little more.”

The Cash Money Records CEOs have a history of giving back to their community. Each year including last year, they have held their Annual Turkey Give Away for needy families in their native city of New Orleans. Displaced after Hurricane Katrina, the Williams brothers have adopted Miami as their new home base.

Birdman & Lil Wayne 'Stuntin Like My Daddy'

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