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Introducing Filthcat

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Introducing Filthcat. Keep your eye out on this Chi-town cat.

Where are you located?
In the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. I live in Glenwood.

How did you get your name?
When I first started rapping I was so vulgar with my lyrical content that I called myself the filthiest cat to spit raps and filthcat is like a shorter version of that cause I'm still kind of dirty with my rhymes.

Tell me about your CD.
The CD I am working on now is called "Lost." It is basically non-tradional FILTHCAT. I usually do music where I am trying to show how I can rap about anythhing and I mean anything--no topic is untouched--that is usually my gimmick. But with this CD I am doing more commercial music. There will be a crunk track, a few dance/party tracks and of course a little something for the ladies featuring a special R & B guest. I can't say who yet, but when the CD is released people will know who it is for sure.

What can listeners expect when they here your music?
To hear something different besides the same old rap music that is out now. I don't rap about being from the hood or selling crack but I do talk about my life and things that I see around me. People often think because I'm from the burbs I have nothing to rap about, but that's not true. I like to prove peopel wrong. I'm also like an old school rap dude--you know back when raps were written to impress and show skills. I can rap about dogs to street life, saved by the bell to sellign carck if beed be so I'm very versatile plus I have a unique sound. I tend not to sound like anybody in the music industry so you won't find any others like FILTHCAT ever!!!

What makes you different than some of the other rappers out there?
It seems like everyone is rapping the same stuff, getting crunk and selling drugs or being from the hood, but not me. I never have been into that. I'm FILTHCAT from the suburbs so I pride myself on being a suburban rapper. Most rappers from suburban areas tend to say they are from the hood when they aren't. I don't do that. I am proud of the suburbs and things that I have learned so I feel like I represent all black kids in the suburbs and at times I can relate to white kids too; but I am definately nothing anyone has ever heard before and unless someone steals my format before I'm signed then you will never hear anyone like me either. Because I'm from Chciago many people expect to hear either a Twista kind of style or Da Brat or Kanye West but I'm not like those guys either. I respect what they do though and they are definately influences on me and my music.

When did you decide to pursue a career rapping?
When I was nineteen (I'm 23 now)I was in school in Michigan and I said I should try to give this rap stuff a shot so I am fairly young to the whole "trying to get a deal process" but in 4 years I have learned a lot and I have had a lot of disappointments but I'm not giving up.

What advice do you give others interested in following your path?
Don't give up unless your heart is really not in it. Always have a plan "B. I am in school getting my Bachelor's in criminal justice. I want to help minority youths. Also don't let the opinions of those who know you (good or bad) affect how you make music. This is the hardest task because it's always around you. Everyone has yes men who just say what you want to hear and everyone has haters who just say things to discourage you. Both parties have asinine opinons. Follow your heart. The only people who matter are those who have no bias for or against you when they hear your music. Lastly, follow your heart. If you feel that doing something is not right for you, think about it and make a very thought out decision. Good luck.

How would you describe your sound?
It's like Punk Rap...OK I'll explain its like a suburban dude doing an urban genre of music. I call it punk rap, because I'm not like most rappers because of my background. So yeah punk rap. I hear punk rock music and I hate it. I even write for punk rock groups and I hate the way the **** sounds, but I know punk music is a suburban thing so I call my rap style punk rap. It's weird I know. Think about it for a moment...alright next question.

What's at least one thing you've learned about the music business?
No one in the industry made it from waking up to a deal. It's hard work, from getting shows to getting publicity, to getting CD's made. Fortunately a lot of my info came within my first 2 years so I'm a little bit more advanced than others, but yeah it's difficult. It's a hustle for real. There are those who don't want to see you succeed because they fear what you can be so they want to hold you back and then sometimes you meet people who are advocates of what you do. Just be mindful of everything and everyone you encunger with this music ****.

Besides rapping, what's something you enjoy doing?
Women, not joking either. I also produce and write for other artist in other genres of music. I love PS2. I can't function without it. As a matter of fact as soon as I get done here, I'm going to play some NBA LIVE 2006. This last thing is going to sound very unrapper like but I like philosophical thinking and learning knowledge about all things. I know its not very rapper like.

How can readers get a copy of your CD?
www.myspace.com/FILTHCAT is the best way or contact FILTH @ 708 5390 5085. I am always looking to sell CD'S (LARGE EMPHASIS ON THE WORD SELL). Also the IRON MAN MIXTAPE which showcases me rapping about various topics is available. All are welcome to purchase one (LARGE EMPHASIS ON PURCHASE).

Check FILTHCAT out on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/filthcat
posted by Shelia, 2:23 PM


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