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EQuiKnockZ Uncensored

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Please introduce yourselves.
Triza : What's good everybody. This is ya boy Triza Producer/Keyboardist/Songwriter/Manager/DJ 1/2 of EQuiKnockZ Productions.
B-Man: What it is?U already know what it is and you know who... this the guy that goes by the name of....B-Man.. These are my professions...producer/songwriter/dj/keyboardist/talkbox player.

How long have you been in the music industry?
Triza:We have been serious about production for about 3 years. But music has always been a part of our lives since we were young. We started off rapping. Then made our way to DJ-N. Now we are trying to take over this production game.
B-Man: Actually, I started DJ'n at age 6 and started actually making music at the tender age of 8... no lie. I've ALWAYS been into music. I think if it wasn't for music, I'd probably be in alot of trouble because I sit back and listen to The Reasonable Doubt ,The Score, The Blueprint, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, and The College Dropout LPs and they basically helped me look at life in another perspective... Ya know what I mean.

What's your creative process?
Triza: Most of the time I start off with a melody. Then Build around it. But sometimes B will send me a drum track or a sample andI play over it. Or vice versa. It just depends on the mood.
B-Man: Personally, I listen to classic hip hop records and soul music and memorize certain elements that the songs contain and where each parts come in. Believe it or not and I think alot of producers will agree... It strengthens your ability to create real music.I also do this because most of the songs today that are coming out is talking about a negative message at all time, calling women out of their name 24/7, or I got the hottest blah... nobody wants to hear that. In my opinion, I think hip hop is dead... let's take it back to when it was about the lyrics & the beat and not just a 808 based track with a simple synth line.

How long does it take you to record one song?
It all depends. We have put stuff together in 5 minutes and then we have spent days on tracks. Just whatever it takes to make it sound great.
B-Man: Basically the same answer but sometimes, I get upset because I'm searching for that perfect snare/kick to top the record off.

Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with?
Triza:Dipset, Wordsmith, 334 Mobb Streets and Young Dueces,
B-Man: We still on our grind and we got alot of stuff on the way.

How would an artist interested in working with you be able to contact you?
Triza: Man its so many ways to get at us. First you should check out our myspace(www.myspace.com/eqkz) then, you can hit us up on our e-mail(equiknockz@gmail.com) and if you wanna get at us directly hit us on the 2-way at (equiknockz@alltel.blackberry.com). Just don't be on that harrasement type stuff... haha.

What are your current projects?

B-Man: Hopefully we can get some more major placements with industry artist. Don't get it twisted though because we still keep our ears open and doors to underground artists. We have plans to launch a label in the near future and basically continue to make music,perfect our talents.

Shout Outs
Triza: Our Manager Marcus 920, Jay Rob, J Spoon, Paul Wall, DJ Irie, Spliff, P-Wonda, Monte Carlo, 334 Mobb , Dipset, S.A.S, Streets and Young Dueces, Wordsmith, Meg, Jaylee, Jeff Wooten, KJ, T Spoon, Lou Lou, Omarion, DJ Polo, Jermey Jeffries, Patrick Terry, C Keyz, Blue Phunk Drumline, All the haters who doubted us and most importantly we would like to thank you for this interview.
B-Man: God... The most important person on this list because without Him I wouldn't have the knowledge nor strength to be doing this. All of my family. My parents, my brother Tay, my grandma Pearl(who I love to death) & Marie. My aunties:Karen & Alicia(Neekie). My cousins in Virginia...Chaz, Daryl, Ke-Ke Snead, Keanna Walton, Daylon. All my peoples in V.A., Crystal Goode(longtime friend), P.T.(do ya thing), Craig Keys, GOS, Kita, Spoona, Allie, Byrd & Samantha, Lawrence, Keiarra Stuart(one of my best friends), Konic, Shane(keep ya head up), and anybody else I forgot.. I'm sorry. As far as the rappers/industry cats go... Paul Wall, Spliff, Monte Carlo, The Dipset Camp, The Runners, Brandon D, DJ Polo, 102 Jamz..ahh I know I'mma forget someone and if I did and I didn't mention you, you know who you are. In other words anybody who stuck with us from the start... and you, the person who is taking time out of your schedule to read about us. We appreciate it.
posted by Shelia, 10:44 AM


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