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Who is that man--Kerry E Wagner?

Monday, May 08, 2006

For the month of May, every week there will be a new author featured on www.myspace.com/espire. Last week's author was V. Anthony Rivers (My Life: Is All I Have, Everybody Got Issues, etc). This week I'm bringing you an inside look to the guy who is behind a popular myspace site (www.myspace.com/kerrywagner). Be forewarned that his space is not for the faint at heart. He brings it to you raw and you'll find yourself saying "I can't believe he said that."

Shelia M Goss: Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Kerry E. Wagner:
I am a writer by the name of Kerry E. Wagner. I am really particular about calling myself an author. I am self published with 1 book that was released this past September. The title is "SHE DID THAT." A story about Life, Love, Responsibility, pain, tragedy and triumph. I have several more projects cocked and ready.

Shelia: Are your books based on your life?
I guess it's safe to say not actually my life per say. I prefer reality based drama/fiction-I presume that is what it is called. I am still relatively new at this and still familiarizing myself with the genre and things, forgive me.

Shelia: The characters in your book seem so real. Are they based on people you know?
Not necessarily. Lots of influence there though, but not exactly
their life or lifestyles.

Shelia: Your myspace page has a lot of repeat visitors. What do you think keeps the readers coming back?
You tell me. I am beginning to think I must have a unique brand or way of story telling. I had no idea some would find it interesting. I choose that word, because although they come and go, all are not entertained by my rhetoric. But they still come to see what I say. It surprises me still, because I am not a yes man at all. But I definitely don't let it go to my head. I am surrounded by solid people I have known all my life. They won't let me forget I am only as good as my last ball game.

Shelia: What motivates you to write?
Adversity, truth, shame, integrity, CHILD SUPPORT, jail (smh).

Shelia: When you're not writing or blogging, how do you spend your time?
A nap here or there. I haven't had a good 8 hour sleep at night since I began this literary journey and it doesn't look as though it will change either. However I really enjoy turning the phone off and just catching a game and a nap with no one

Shelia: Do you think men & women can be "just friends?"
Certainly, they had better be able to. A word I do not confuse with acquaintances.

Shelia: How can we all make our relationships with each other better?
Being RESPONSIBLE. If you did something to someone you care about and did not mean to, own up to it without them having to suggest it. I think certain maturation goes with this process. I haven't always thought like that. But looking back, it was a very ineffective way of communicating my feelings for someone. No way to show someone you care by taking disregard. Not a good look...yea, just responsibility will cover it, because issues will arise. There's no way around that. We just have to rise above it, if something is important enough.

Shelia: If your life was a reality show, what would be the title and
"PULLING FOR THE UNDER DOG"...it personifies my determination and my
will I think. I was always fascinated by dominating the bully coming up. I wanted to show others how you slay that giant. I love the lil man, nothing against that big guy. But I love for that lil guy to be in their game. Let them know you’re on the block and hell you ain't planning on going no where. It is what it is...make it do what it do.

To learn more about Kerry E Wagner or his book "She Did That," visit his world at www.myspace.com/kerrywagner.
posted by Shelia, 5:17 AM


Nice Interview. I am a true fan of Kerry E. Wagner. He has an incredible knack for making a character come to life before your very eyes. I can't wait for his next installment.
--black coffee
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:50 AM  
This interview, was very nice,I consider myself a good friend and one of Kerry's fans...Kerry is a outstanding author...I must say i love his work!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:42 AM  
kerry e wagner is a force to be reckoned with--he has a way with words, and i love the way he teaches game. his blog is a must read everyday!!! can't wait for his second book!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:17 PM  
Kerry gets to the core of reality. He words his work without shame. He does not hold back, and "that" is what lures people to his style. He's lived it, worked it, and is still dreamin' it. Way to go Kerry... you are a beautiful man.
commented by Anonymous Lovina, 12:40 PM  
I have throughly enjoyed Mr Kerry's material. I like the fact of keep things on the real and not cutting any corners. He really knows how to get your attention thinking about life
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:56 PM  
Kerry is the bomb fo sure. We love you kerry. He's off the hook.Shedidthat is a book everyone should read. Gold in the making.If, you dont read you need to start now!!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:04 PM  
Thank you all for chiming in. Looks like Kerry has a lot of fans. I'll be sure to let him know.
commented by Blogger Shelia, 1:35 PM  
Kerry E. Wagner has a gift- his way of expression is like no other. His work (not just his novel, but any writing that comes from him) is like silk with intricately woven patterns- smooth and engaging....but above that he is a very humble and beautiful person, and all his efforts should be awarded.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:06 AM  
I really enjoyed this interview, it's nice to see "She did That" get the recognition it deserves. I found myself smiling the entire way through, I kept thinking "That's Kerry for Ya'" he is always up front and in your face with his honesty and never fakes it. And that's what we love about his writing. Although sometimes it could come off brash, his unique way of writing is what keeps us coming to his myspace site every day just to see what he will come up with next. And just like the true entertainer he is, he never ceases to amaze.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:00 AM  
My man Kerry E Wagner! I always knew he "had it". I consider myself family to him and me and my family still sing freestyle that Kerry put together 15 years ago. I know he is going somewhere. We gotta keep our eye on this one because if you blink, you'll miss something. I'm proud of you Mr.Wagner.
--sta lee
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:32 AM  
I love reading your blogs. They are real, raw, and straight to the point. I can wait to get my copy of She Did that. I'm now a offical Kerry E. Warner Fan!!!!!!!!
commented by Anonymous Kim, 2:37 PM  
I loved the "motavation" question. It just goes to show you how real he keeps it. Becoming a author hasn't turned him into one of those quasi-intellectuals who think they have somehow been catapulted into a different class just cause they wrote a book. Kerry lets you know "Hey, I don't know it all myself" and that humble spirit is what makes me feel like he's not just one of them. He's one of us.
commented by Anonymous KISMET, 3:19 PM  
Nice interview..Kerry has a way of touching people with his words. He makes you think or rethink. Reading his book, the character makes you feel like he is one of your friends telling you a story while you are hanging out. I am looking forward to his next project and watching this author grow. He is definitely something special....
commented by Blogger C, 7:57 PM  
It's so true, Kerry is talented and unique. From the first day I opened "She Did That" until the day he retires I will remain a loyal fan. Much Love Kerry!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:01 AM  
No words to describe this man's charm and wit. I am very impressed with his raw yet compassionate style of writing. Not to mention his southern charm is just absolutely magnetic...STAR POWER
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:24 PM  
this man is a trip! great writer, captures the mind with precision and expansiveness. has no problem with pushing all envelopes, triggering thought processes, goin for the take down, creating contraversy, creating joy. he's got the concentration and devotion of a parent or coach with anyone drawn to him for whatever reason, including the haters who seem to get off on trying him, set him up cold as if there is some corner they could manuever him into, meanwhile he's lightyears ahead of 'em and always ready to shake hands in an honorable way. i am certainly glad i paid attention to this cat and always will. keep on!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:35 PM  

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