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Creators of the Real World Launch the First Online Competition

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Public Controls Outcome of Cyber Challenge Where Talent is an Option

Los Angeles (May 2, 2006) – After a successful two months of Beta testing, M Theory Entertainment announces the launch of HAMS.TV, the Internet’s first-ever talent competition that anyone can enter and judge. HAMS.TV allows people to make use of their homemade videos in a whole new way. Rather than simply posting their clips online, people can actually win prizes for their creativity and talent. Prizing includes products from such popular retailers as Sharper Image, Fandango, Kicker Car Stereo, Kasil, Local Celebrity, Cathedral Skateboards, Geoff Thomas Jewelry Designs and Netflix.

“We are thrilled to be launching an online destination where anyone in the world can literally make a video, upload it on the World Wide Web and win prizes from doing so,” commented Joachim Blunck, Senior Vice President, M Theory Entertainment. “No real talent is required, only a desire to entertain. And we’ve made for an even more interactive environment where those visiting the site vote for their favorite submission and decide the outcome of the competition.”

HAMS.TV submissions can be made under several categories: jokes, silly videos, pet tricks, music videos, skateboard tricks, snowboard tricks, ski tricks and wipeouts. Those who wish to enter can simply post their video to the site and immediately enter a ladder-style competition. At the end of a multiple-day voting round, winning submissions are moved up on the ladder where top entries win prizes. Those entering may also do so via submitting their YouTube or other video website URL. Participants can also alert their friends to vote, further enhancing their chances to win. HAMS.TV is expected to add many new categories and prizes in the coming months.

The company behind HAMS.TV, M Theory Entertainment is a spin-off of Bunim-Murray Productions, a leading reality television entity responsible for such hits as MTV’s “The Real World” and FOX’s “The Simple Life.” Other projects on M Theory’s slate include “The Simple Life” mobisodes (similar to podcasts) available exclusively through Verizon V-Cast, original content for mobile phone entities Amp’d Mobile and Proteus and segments of two digital series: “T.J.’s Tips and Tricks” (starring BMX rider and “Road Challenge” host T.J. Lavin) and “The Real Mean Girls” (a competition to find a new best friend hosted by “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” bad girls Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson).

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About Bunim-Murray Productions Bunim-Murray Productions is the leading independent producer of innovative entertainment content. The company is widely credited with creating the reality television genre with its hit series THE REAL WORLD (now already in its 17th season on MTV). Bunim-Murray’s other current programming includes REAL WORLD ROAD RULES CHALLENGE (MTV), THE SIMPLE LIFE (with its fourth season premiering on E!), STARTING OVER (syndicated) and THE SCHOLAR (ABC). Bunim-Murray Productions is based in Van Nuys, CA. It was founded in 1987 by Jonathan Murray and the late Mary-Ellis Bunim.
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