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Interview with Ronald Isley

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ronald Isley and the Isley Brothers have been making music for over 40 years. With recent hits like “Contagious,” “What Would You Do” and “Busted” and classic hits like “Between the Sheets,” “Choosey Lover" and “Summer Breeze,” The Isleys are like fine wine, they keep getting better and better with time.

Recently, I spoke with Ronald Isley about their May album release – “Baby Makin’ Music.”

Shelia Goss: You had a health scare last year, so I know the first question a lot of your fans want to know is how are you in terms of your health right now?
Ronald Isley: I’m real good now. I stay with my doctor’s appointments and do everything I’m supposed to do.

Shelia: Who came up with the alter ego Mr. Biggs?
Ronald Isley: Myself and R Kelly

Shelia: I’m a long time fan. Two of my all time favorite slow jams is Between the Sheets and Choosey Lover. Ironically, your new album is called Baby Makin’ Music. If you ask me, all your music is Baby Making music (smile).

So tell me, who all did you work with on this album?
Ronald Isley: I worked with R Kelly, Jermaine Dupri, Tim and Bob, Troy Taylor, etc.

To see the full interview, CLICK HERE.

BABY MAKIN' MUSIC, the new album by The Isley Brothers featuring Ron Isley aka “Mr. Biggs” will be in stores on May 9 or you can pre-order your copies from various online outlets.

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