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CD Ms Kelly

Monday, July 16, 2007

Kelly Rowland's latest CD Ms Kelly is way better than her last one. I was able to listen to the entire CD in one sitting. I only found myself pressing the "skip" button a few times. Overall, Ms Kelly's 12 track CD is great to listen to when chilling at home or riding in the car. Ms Kelly should validate Kelly Rowland's solo career. If you like the first single "Like This" featuring Eve, then you'll like track #2 "Comeback." The music for both tracks will have you bopping your head. "Flashback," "Still in Love with my Ex," and the duet with Tank "The Show" are three of my favorite tracks on the entire CD. "Better Without You" is another favorite and I would love to see it as a single.

"Kelly Rowland has redeemed herself as a solo artist with Ms. Kelly." ~ Shelia M. Goss, entertainment writer and national bestselling author of My Invisible Husband, Paige's Web and Double Platinum.
posted by Shelia, 9:40 AM


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