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Basketball Fans - Knicks Discount Tickets

Monday, March 12, 2007

Are you a Knicks fan? If so, you now have the opportunity to get home game tickets for 50 percent off. Read more below to find out how to get your discount tickets:

Select one of the following games at http://www.nba.com/knicks/schedule/:
3/16 vs. New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets
3/22 vs. Portland TrailBlazers
3/26 vs. Orlando Magic
4/4 vs. Philadelphia 76ers

At the ticket page, enter promo code MARBURY (all in caps) to get 50% off any $60.50 or $44.50 tickets.

Knicks 2007 Highlight Reel:
Direct link
posted by Shelia, 10:13 AM


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