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Interview with Lil Flip

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lil' Flip "The Freestyle King" is back with a new label (Warner Bros. Records/Asylum Records) and a new CD.

Lil Flip featuring Lyfe Jennings "Ghetto Mindstate"


When the interview with Lil' Flip was setup, I had loads of questions ready to ask him, but when I started talking to him, I decided to ask only a few questions and let him do what he does best--freestyle.

Shelia Goss: You were part of that click that was doing chopped and screwed before it was popular. For those that don't know, give me a brief overview of how you got your start.
Lil' Flip:
I started off doing the mixtapes and freestyling. My grandmother played music for the church, so she was like you're going to be in the choir whether you like to or not. I've always been around music. She wanted me to play the piano, but I was like naw that's for girls. I ended up being an entertainer and if I would have taken piano I could have been like Beethoven. I've always been around music...I met Screw…and he let me do a few mixed tapes. I did shows on the weekends because I was still in high school...After that I dropped a solo album that sold a 150,000 units. Labels tried to sign us, but we were like let us sell another 100K first. First one went platinum and the second went double.

Shelia: What inspires you?
Lil' Flip:
On...my first label release...I could have talked about grilles. On my first song I talked about what I've been through. I come up with ideas at any point of the day. I'm an open minded type person. As of now, my fans are inspiring me. My label constantly showing that they care about investing money in me, inspires me. For awhile I wasn't doing music. There's so much BS that comes with it. You end up with enemies for no reason. I was just spending a lot of time with my family...because at the end of the day...whether you got a hit or not your family is going to always be there. When you come into the game so young, you think everybody is your friend but you don't really know...until you bump your head a couple of times.

Shelia: I'm not going to ask you about the so called beefs going on between this click and that, because that's been beat down. But I will ask you in your opinion, what are some ways to improve relations within the rap community? Do you think it's an ego thing?
Lil' Flip:
That's probably the #1 thing...#1 Try to keep your circle small...The more m-f you have around you, the more problems and more different types of attitudes you'll have to deal with. It's about being a good leader and not putting your team in danger behind your foolishness. EGO is the main thing that keeps all that going and the media--because if they get something, they will take it and run with it until they can't run with it anymore.

Shelia: Do you feel any pressure with your new album release?
Lil' Flip:
I feel pressure because I switched labels and folks are wondering what's going to happen...but ain't nothing going to happen differently except that this label really believes in me. They're pushing it and I'm not going to stop pushing it just because I'm with a major. I'm going to do my part regardless. But it makes you feel good to be with a label that's behind you.

I like being with a label that let me do what I do. I direct my own videos. I write the treatments...My videos are creative. I think out of the box. My videos will always have some kind of concept outside of just a girl shaking her a**. A lot of people under rate me and don't want to give me my credit...but fans know that there's no artist out here who can freestyle like me for 15 minutes straight without falling off. If there is, show him to me.

Shelia: Your hooks are usually catchy phrases and easy to remember.
Lil' Flip:
Before I did the music, I realized if you're going to catch somebody's ears, you have to have something that's going to make them remember it. The difference between me and some other rappers is that when you listen to my songs...even after you've heard it one time, you're going to remember a few things...it's not like you have to hear it five times...When I say something, every word I rap is clear...I like to be distinctive...I'm not afraid to try new stuff...I'm a critic when it comes to my hooks and music...I really do take time to put my music together...It takes 2 to 3 months to put it together in the order I want it.

The way I have my album, when you read the song listing, it's like a story.

Shelia: Speaking of your new album, I heard some of the songs got leaked earlier this year so you put some new songs on your upcoming CD. How does an entire CD get leaked to the public?
Lil' Flip:
It's a lot of ways for an album to get leaked…whether it be people working at the studios...someone got it and put it out there...I ordered one my d*** self.

The album comes with a DVD. The albums been done for 2 years. I never stopped recording. I recorded 8 new songs for the upcoming CD. I took out 3 songs and shot 4 NEW VIDEOS. I'll be giving away 5 clover chains. I plan on doing it Willy Wonka style where you can buy the album, get the golden ticket and you'll win a chain.

posted by Shelia, 9:33 AM


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