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Silk Always & Forever

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Silk is back on the music scene with a new CD "Always & Forever." It contains classic hits that were originally song by other artists. It's hard to re-do someone else's songs, but these four guys didn't miss a note. Older audiences will appreciate a good harmony. The younger audience will be introduced to love songs that tell a story instead of the normal bump and grind. This is the perfect date CD. It will definately set a romantic mood.

Tracks listing: Adore, Secret Garden, Always & Forever, Don't Disturb This Groove, Night and Day, Sideshow, Lady In My Life, A Night To Remember, Secret GArden (Sweet Seduction Suite) and Two Occasions

Review by Shelia M Goss, entertainment editor for e-Spire and BellaOnline Women in Music (www.myspace.com/espire).
posted by Shelia, 11:01 AM


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