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Elemental Magazine Changing The Industry

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(Brooklyn, NY) Elemental Magazine, the urban lifestyle monthly that has never cowered under the weight of financial giants, is once again making an historic move in the world of magazines. Today marks the launch of Elemental's Industry Shakedown, which means readers can have the entire magazine free via a hi-resolution PDF download.

"Nothing is changing except the dollars that readers don't have to drop," says publisher Matt Wright. "Elemental as a digital magazine will be the same number of pages, the same articles, the same design and photography, the same ads. You don't read it on the website with a bunch of blinking banner ads and little bitty pics, limited by your access to an internet connection. With the digital magazine, it's yours to take anywhere you can read a PDF, from your Palm to your laptop to your desk at home."

"The revolution has begun," he continues. "We're eliminating the profiteering middleman just like MP3s did for the music industry. The savings gets passed down to our readers, which is why we publish this thing in the first place."

Elemental will always be available in stores as a print version for those who want to pay the $3.95, but now they'll have a choice. Go to www.elementalmag.com and see for yourself.

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